Helping Your Franchisees Succeed! – Frantopia 2013 Franchisee Business Summit

frantopia2013Our good friends at Franchise Business Review have created an amazing event designed specifically to help franchisees grow their businesses – FRANTOPIA’s 2013 Franchisee Business Summit! This event will be held in Chicago on June 13-14 and I can tell you, if this had been available to me when I was a franchisee, I would have been the first to register!

As a long-time leader in the franchise industry, Franchise Business Review, has crafted a curriculum that is focused on helping franchisees drive profitability with simple tools, tips and techniques that are immediately actionable. What franchise business owner would not benefit from leaning how to:

  • Manage Budgets and Cash Flow?
  • Create simple and easy-to-implement Social Media conversations with target customers?
  • Develop a laser-focused, streamlined Business Plan that offers a clear path to growth and success?

What I love most about the format of this event is that it’s a rare opportunity for peer-to-peer franchisee colla

boration within an open, interactive environment. Think of a spontaneous combustion of powerful franchise-building ideas…that's FRANTOPIA’s 2013 Franchisee Business Summit!

Here's the registration page which includes a number to call with questions. Or if you like, here’s a PDF download to forward on to your franchisees.

This event is a great opportunity for franchisors to support franchisees who may be currently struggling but are genuinely interested in getting their business back on track.  And for franchisees who are preforming at a mid-level and are hungry for tools to drive their business forward to become a system leader, this is a 'must attend' gathering.

I think creating a venue for success-minded franchisees to come together and learn best practices from each other as well as leading industry experts is long over-due. Thanks to Franchise Businesses Review and Frantopia for delivering yet another great service to our industry!

More soon…


P.S. We’d love to hear their top-take aways from any franchisees attending, so please pass along any feedback.


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