Improved Attitude, Improved Life

I loved today’s thought from Ralph Marston so much, I printed it and taped it to my monitor.

attitude-changes-everythingJust being reminded that, “no matter how good and positive your attitude may be, you can improve it!”,  created a fabulous shift in my thinking for the day.  Taking a moment to focus on the very best possibilities for this day (for this moment really!), in an instant, drove my energy up and created a palpable excitement for the myriad possibilities that might unfold.  In an instant, I shifted from ready to start the day (good attitude), to chomping at the bit and thrilled to get to do what I do every day (GREAT attitude).

Loved this note and hope it spills more joy, energy and excitement into your day as well!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Improved attitude

No matter how good and positive your attitude may be, you can improve it. And when you improve your attitude, your attitude improves you.

>To improve your attitude, you don't have to deny reality.

When you improve your attitude, it doesn't mean things will be perfect.

What it means is that you'll be more positive, more effective, and more solidly focused on the best possibilities. What it means is that you'll live and act from a position of strength.

With an improved attitude, you can still clearly see all the problems. Yet instead of living in fear of them, you'll choose to be bigger than those problems.

Right now, there's a certain way you feel about life, and a certain way you expect life to be. Just think of what could happen if you made the choice to raise those expectations.

Whether you have a great attitude or a lousy one, decide today to improve it. For where your attitude goes, your life will quickly follow.

Ralph Marston

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P.S.  One of our most popular speakers, Chip Eichelberger is a ROCK STAR when it comes to helping franchisees shift to a ‘Switched On’ attitude.  Check out his clips here.


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