We Need to Talk…It's About Your Chronic Procrastination


Okay, I have to admit, I’ve been procrastinating on a big project. In fact, what I have been pushing off is sitting down and organizing our blog posts for the next few months.  So this morning, while actively procrastinating (see above and insert ‘email’ for ‘internet’) I sent my good friend Lee Plave a note and asked him if he might like to post a guest blog.  In my note, I admitted to being in a known state of procrastination and here’s what he came back at me with which I thought hilarious and funny enough to share…

“I would do anything you think sounds interesting.  I’d even work with you on a joint article for Procrastinator's Monthly (published quarterly).”

Tell the truth – Do you like the buzz you get from waiting until the very last minute and then meeting your deadline JUST in the nick of time? If so, you're addicted to procrastination. And if there were a Procrastinators Anonymous, I would send you there (and maybe even attend the meeting with you).

We all have habits when it comes to completing tasks, and as we all know, habits are incredibly hard to break- or create! (Do I have any 'nail biters', 'smokers', or' junk food eaters' reading?) Even though this cycle of chronic procrastination is overwhelming and makes us crazy, I'm curious to try and understand why the heck we continue to do it!

Think back to your high school or college days – were you a procrastinator then? Or did it come later in life at a certain job? Regardless of when your illness showed up, the good news is there are cures, and thankfully this Entrepreneur article can act as your doctor (or psychiatrist, or therapist). I identified the most with tip #4:

Don't lose momentum. As Newton’s first law of motion says, an object in motion stays in motion. Once you start a task, you’re much more likely to keep working until you finish.

Take the easiest task on your list and force yourself to start. Close your browser, turn off email pop-ups, and make the program you need to use fit the full screen. “Just say ‘now’ and do it,” Ferrari says. “Just start.”  

Read the full article here: “4 Cures for Chronic Procrastination” 

Hope you find this helpful – I sure did!

More soon…


PS – Call me today if Chronic Procrastination  plagues any of your staff or your franchisees-we have the perfect speakers to help!

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  • Michelle Denton

    Subscribe me to Procrastinators Monthly (delivered quarterly). I also can attest to increased satisfaction of getting it done in nick of time over just plain-old getting it done.

  • Katrina Mitchell

    HA! we might be on to something… Let’ talk about this next month sometime…. okay, kidding of course!

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