Who Do You Love? An Easy Way to Find the Most Successful Partnerships

handsheartI love this next video in my series of conversations with Troy Hazard.  He so honestly breaks down how he identifies which clients he works with and which he avoids. Some people list their clients in A, B, C categories, by how much profit they will bring in, etc., but Troy keeps it very simple with 2 buckets:

  • Clients that click with his culture and his team  
  • Clients that don’t click with the culture and make it too hard on the team

Even when turning down the business for no other reason that a dislike factor (which is very hard to do!), he found that the company made up the money many times over since the entire team was happily working with people who matched their culture and integrity.

Great advice for your franchisees working with difficult customers, and yes, may even be worth considering for the occasional franchisee who drains the joy and juice out of your system.   You may just be more profitable and successful for it.

More soon…


PS: Check out one of Troy’s recent client testimonials below:

“Troy Hazard is by far and away the very best convention speaker we have ever had. His session went way beyond my expectations and our franchisees LOVED him! They continued to talk about Troy’s message for the rest of the event and we are still hearing about how great they thought he was. The thing that impressed me the most was Troy’s extensive preparation. The effort that he put forth to really understand our culture and the objectives we set for the conference and the coming year was fantastic. He met and connected with our franchisees beforehand and participated in our opening night reception which genuinely connected him to our team. And his closing message, “Change or Die” could not have been more perfect! Troy Hazard is as talented, prepared and professional as any speaker I’ve ever worked with. If you looking for a sure thing, Troy Hazard is it!”

— Bob Bingham, President & CEO, The Little Gym International

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