Mastering the Successful Franchisee Mindset

I always find it interesting to pay close attention to where people lay blame during challenging times, or when things go hay-wire. Some blame all the outside factors, taking the stance of a victim, and others look inside themselves, and figure out their part in the situation. This applies to all aspects of life, but is especially interesting when we look at it from a business stand-point.

Below is a great tip from Scott Greenberg about how to focus on what truly gathers positive results – our mental and emotional processes!  I call it “keeping my head in the game” and find frequent opportunities daily to reel myself back in and get focused on my own accountability.  Hope you enjoy Scott’s article – I think personal accountability is fundamental to success.

The Third Factor for Franchise Success

By Scott Greenberg

Every year, countless franchisees attend their company’s annual meeting looking for that one idea that will boost their business.  They listen to the CEO’s keynote about the external elements impacting their industry, such as new regulations, the competition and the economy. Then they attend breakout sessions that focus on franchise operations, where they discuss marketing, policies and procedures. They leave the convention with all the same information, opportunities and resources. One would think that if all franchisees run similar operations in the same external climate, they should get similar results.

Yet they don’t. In almost every franchise system, some franchisees flourish while others flounder. Why would this be?

What most business owners ignore is the third factor for success – the internal elements. These are the mental/emotional processes that impact our decisions and management style. These include our level (or lack) of optimism, our resilience when faced with adversity, and our ability to c

ommunicate. They include our patience when it comes to marketing, and our trust when it comes to corporate policy. The internal elements are all of the intangible yet critical factors we bring into our business, and often they’re what distinguish those who achieve from those who don’t.

When sales are down, many people like to blame the external elements. If the problem is the economy, it’s not their fault. Blaming these uncontrollable factors is an easy way to duck responsibility.

Others distract themselves with operations. They think if they work hard enough and long enough, things will turn around. They keep hitting their heads against the wall, hoping that doing a lot of the same thing will improve their circumstances.

The best franchisees …

    • Lead with courage instead of fear
    • Take responsibility instead of assigning blame
    • Embrace change rather than resist it
    • Serve themselves by first serving their customers

The best franchisees have solid businesses because they have strong minds. They manage their thoughts and make sure they’re assets to their own operations — not liabilities. They lead with courage instead of fear. They take responsibility instead of assigning blame. They embrace change rather than resist it. They serve themselves by first serving their customers.

Internal mastery leads to external results. Pay more attention to the thoughts you bring to your business and you’ll discover a whole new area of opportunity.

Do you foster a culture that focuses on only the external elements impacting your franchise business? If so, it might be time for a major shift in mindset…

More soon…



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