What happens to our business goals when we’re drained of energy, motivation, and positivity?


Andy Core’s Keynote re-energizes audiences,

even after a festive awards night!


Energy and motivation in spades

(that also delivers tangible change)

is in store when Andy Core takes the stage!

Sometimes we work too hard and end up sacrificing our business goals because our people (and ourselves) are drained of energy, motivation, and positivity. That’s where Andy comes in.

According to Andy, hard-working adults come in three varieties: Thriver, Striver and Struggler. Which are you? Andy guides his audiences through the process of identifying struggler versus thriver characteristics within themselves.

Andy Core Book JacketHere’s what Andy delivers:

• Engagement: Employ the #1 way to motivate your people to want to give their best—show you sincerely care about their wellbeing.

• Productivity: Increase people’s mental and physical capacity and you boost productivity by up to 47% during the last two hours of work.

• Wellbeing: Inspiring and improving wellbeing cuts stress and healthcare costs by up to $3,070 per person, per year!

• Energy: No one kicks off meetings, breaks up intense learning or re-energizes people after and awards celebration or “casino night” like Andy Core.

Learn more about Andy’s positive message in his book,

Change Your Day, Not Your Life.

And let’s talk about the possibility of Andy taking your next event by storm! His fee starts at $7,500 with a $1,000 flat travel fee.

More soon…


P.S. Check out Andy’s Thriver Quiz here—where do you think YOU stand?  🙂 

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