Evan Hackel: Cooperation. Commitment. Passion. Loyalty.

Cooperation. Commitment. Passion. Loyalty.

Could you use more of these within your franchisee relationships?

Evan Hackel is one of the most sought-after speakers (and one of my personal favorites 🙂 ) for driving these four transformational values within a franchise system. His keynotes and workshops consistently improve an organization’s culture—increasing sales and satisfaction, improving growth and retention, and boosting loyalty and profits.

Evan does more than deliver information; he ensures that your franchisees absorb information that is actionable. Audiences leave with ideas for improvement (including methods for maximizing collaboration among franchisee councils), and a clear strategy and execution plan for change.

Hear more from Evan:

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Evan is a business and franchise industry leader, a widely published writer (see more below), a keynote speaker and Founder of Ingage Consulting, where he has been a consultant to some of the largest franchise systems in North America. Evan spent 20 years at CCA Global Partners where he was responsible for four business divisions with over 2000 units and over $5 billion in sales. His varied and vast experiences make Evan a speaker whose ideas are not theoretical, but proven to work in real-world situations.Evan Hackel Headshot 2016

Evan’s new book, Ingaging Leadership, lays out his positive philosophy of Ingagement.

Ingagement is a leadership philosophy for those who believe that it is not enough to tell people what to do, but to involve their minds, creativity and even their emotions. When you align people and create an organization where everyone works together in partnership, that organization becomes vastly more successful.

Love and believe that! Let’s talk about the possibilities of Evan presenting at your next franchise conference. His fees begin at $7,500 plus travel expenses—he travels from Boston.

More soon…


P.S. Ask us about Evan’s use of games within his sessions—it’s an example of how he helps his audience absorb and remember critical points for lasting change.

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