Where will your next conference theme come from?

A. It will surface as a logical progression during your previous event.

B. A brilliant suggestion from a team member.

C. A divinely inspired dream!

D. None of the above.

If you answered D or you’re second guessing the validity of A, B or C, read on!

Most likely a fantastic convention theme is produced through some sort of brainstorming effort, paired with personalized knowledge of where your franchise system is now and its vision for the future.

As a possible catalyst for brainstorming, attached is an extensive list of themes I’ve seen throughout the years (there are LOTS of options, purposefully).

SPEAK!-TargetJust last week, I was working with a longtime franchisor friend and we pulled out this list. Together we ran through the list quickly, highlighting the ideas that sounded like a possible fit. We then sorted the list by general concepts, finding that most fell naturally into only a couple overall themes. From there the ideas were viewed more carefully through the lens of their current franchisor goals, pruned further, passed around to others and ultimately they have come up with a meaningful, super fun theme and tagline. (Now I’m working on matching the perfect speaker to the theme!)

Your process may look different, but my hope is that someday, if you’re stuck when faced with this daunting task, you can pull out this list to help shift you out of neutral!

(And if you have any fantastic themes to suggest, we’d LOVE to hear from you!)

Click to download SPEAK!’s Franchise Conference Theme Ideas.

More soon…

P.S. Themes can surface in dreams. I never ignore the power of the subconscious!

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