Sitting Down with Ford Saeks: Internet Marketing Expert & Business Growth Specialist

One of our all-time favorite speakers here at SPEAK!, Ford Saeks, recently sat down with me to talk about franchise growth—and as always, I came away with more than a few valuable tidbits.

Ford Saeks Video Series

saeks20Our conversation includes the following topics: 

  • A Passion for Franchises
  • Engagement: A Key Driver in Franchise Success
  • Shortening the Sales Cycle
  • How Franchises Can Own Their Local Marketshare
  • Dealing with Change in the Marketplace

These videos will give you a fantastic window into Ford and his message to franchisees.

Why is Ford so beloved? We hear over and over and over again, Ford engages his audience immediately and completely with his interactive, fun approach—and he’s a master at cultivating exchange in tactical workshops providing doable action steps to create change.

If you think Ford may be a fit for your next franchise convention, let’s talk! His fees start at $9,700 and he travels from Wichita, Kansas.

More soon…


P.S. A great reminder from Ford: “Fish where the fish are. Where do your prospects hang out? It’s not about the next new bell or whistle, focus on the things with the biggest impact.”

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