Franchise Speaker Ford Saeks

Take a peek at my recent 5-part conversation with Ford, where we discuss the franchise system—everything from passion and engagement to sales and managing change.

“Brand is not just who you are, but your behaviors. Your franchise brand vision must transfer to your franchisees so they can embody it for their employees and ultimately, be seen clearly by the front line customer.”

-Ford Saeks, Business Growth Innovator & Franchise Speaker

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A Passion For Franchises

As an entrepreneur and business owner, Ford Saeks knows how to get more leads, close more sales, attract and retain customers, and how to own your market.

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Engagement: A Key Driver in Franchise Success

A simple strategy to growing any franchise is to zero in on their overall engagement. Improve your employee engagement and your customer engagement.

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Shortening the Sales Cycle

At the end of the day, sales is the defining factor for franchise success. With this modern, ever-changing market, it’s important to stay up-to-date on even the most basic sales principles.

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How Franchisees Can Own Their Local Market Share

How can franchisees really own their local market share? Owning local market share is a struggle for franchises of all sizes, but there are proven strategies and systems that, when implemented properly, will lead to increased local market share.

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Dealing with Change in the Marketplace

Understanding change in the marketplace is a key component to any franchise success. Business development, technological advancements, and constant innovation are all factors that skyrocket business growth.

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