Why Franchising? You Don’t Need to Invent the Wheel to Make Money Selling It

Scott Greenberg opened his first Edible Arrangement franchise ten years ago in California (where competition is fierce) with great success, opened another 2 years ago, and also happens to be a 22-year motivational speaker. It’s incredibly valuable to have Scott on the SPEAK! roster because of his unique position of being a veteran speaker/trainer and also a franchisee who has been “in the trenches.”

Scott was recently interviewed for Franchise Players, Entrepreneur’s Q&A interview column that puts the spotlight on franchisees. There are some great nuggets of knowledge in the interview, as it is always valuable to hear first-hand what it’s like to open a franchise and how to be successful at it, especially when you have another full-time job (as is the case with Scott).

My favorite part is when he discussed why he chose Edible Arrangements to franchise. He talks about a connection he had with it, from a branding and values standpoint, which is vital to being a successful franchisee. Scott sums it up with, “They weren’t just in the fruit business; they were in the celebration business, and I wanted in.”

Franchise Players Q&A Interview with Scott Greenberg

In Scott’s most in-demand keynote, he talks to franchise convention audiences about why some franchisees thrive while others flounder: Is it luck? Is it location? Although it’s tempting to blame external factors, he refocuses franchisees on what’s going on internally

Image of Scott Greenberg with Catalina Orozoco

Scott Greenberg with happy client, Catalina Orozoco

He was recently with SPEAK! client, Berlitz in Croatia (not a bad place for a gig, right?). Here’s a photo with Scott and Catalina Orozoco, Event Director for Berlitz and very happy client!

Catalina’s ‘one word’ to describe Scott’s engagement with their team? “AMAZING!”

If you’re looking for a speaker who connects with franchisees on every level and can speak their language, let’s connect and talk about how Scott can ignite your next franchise convention.

More soon….


P.S. Here’s Scott’s Demo if you want to check him out… 

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