Kelly McDonald: How to Work With and Lead People Not Like You

I had the pleasure of dining with one of our Colorado-based speakers, Kelly McDonald, last week and I became more excited about her relevant, cutting-edge content which addresses what so many franchise systems are immersed in—working with, leading and marketing to people “not like you”. Whether diversity among franchise owners, within franchisee staff or your end customers, Kelly’s understanding and tactical expertise deliver solutions which create change and grow businesses!

“We all know that a diverse workforce leads to better decisions and solutions –
it has been proven to grow business and profits.”

Here’s more from Kelly’s keynote program, based on her book, “How to Work With & Lead People Not Like You” (which made the list of Top 10 Best-selling Business Books of 2017).

We all know that a diverse workforce leads to better decisions and solutions – it has been proven to grow business and profits. But when another member of your franchise team is different from you, friction can arise. Different people may not see eye-to-eye on an issue. They may have vastly different approaches to work. Their communication styles may be very different. Their comfort in working with technology may be miles apart. They may even have different reasons and motivations for working in the first place. Cultural backgrounds and norms can differ. Generational viewpoints create differing perspectives. Even men and women can see situations differently. How do you work alongside someone who may be quite different from you, respect those differences and be effective in your role?

And what about leading a diverse team? Leaders face daily the challenges of inspiring, communicating and executing strategy with their teams. Now imagine the challenges of leading teams that may be incredibly diverse! How does one motivate and lead groups of people who come from different backgrounds and perspectives? How do you do that when people are motivated by different values and view the world and work through different lenses?

This session will cover the many ways we can be different from one another and how those differences manifest themselves in work situations. It will show how franchisees and their staffs can succeed in today’s diverse workplace without becoming frustrated by approaches to work that may differ from theirs. For those in a leadership position or those who aspire to manage and lead others, this session will identify key ways in which you can effectively communicate, guide, and lead team members who are not like you.

Whether you’re working with internal franchise teams or your external customers, it’s imperative that you know what motivates people – and what doesn’t. Leadership isn’t about seniority or position – it’s about influence, forming connections and building trust. It’s the ability to move the business forward.

Regardless of gender, age, life-stage, race, ethnicity or even communication preferences, you’ll learn to create a deep, values-based connection between you and your team, clients and prospects.

Kelly’s message can address marketing, sales, customer experience, leadership, shifting demographic changes and consumer trends. Her fees start at $15,000. She’d LOVE to jump on the phone with you to learn more about how her message about change and diversity could transform your franchise team. Let me know if Kelly sounds like a fit for your next franchise event.

More soon,


P.S. Kelly’s most popular keynote (based on her book) is “Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You”.

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