Greg Nathan's Franchise Relations Tip #4

h2>Why It Pays to Not be a Know-It-All

Read the following sentence and count the letter Fs you see.


Chances are you saw three or maybe four. There are actually six. Don't worry, you're normal. It's a simple but effective example of how our brains filter out information.

We are constantly ignoring things to prevent information overload

Our brains do a great job of making sense of the world, but everything is not always as it seems. We are constantly ignoring some things to prevent information overload. In other words, our

view of a situation may not just be different from others (because they are focusing on different things), it may also be at odds with the facts.

For this reason, when I have an urge to strongly disagree with someone, I first try to step back and consider that, rather than me being right and them being wrong, we may be just seeing the same situation differently. We may be focusing on different things.

A useful approach to prevent getting into an unnecessary argument is to initially be a bit tentative and say something like, “So tell me how you see this” or “I may be wrong but this is the way I see it….How does this compare to the way you see things?”

A tentative approach shows respect for others

A tentative approach shows respect for others and you may be surprised at how effective it is in diffusing a tense situation. After you have explored how others see things, you can then take a firmer position if you want to. However, you will now be on firmer ground because chances are you won't have missed any of the Fs and thus won't get caught out unawares.

Remember there are two Fs in franchising – the Franchisor and the Franchisee. And sometimes, differences of opinions are caused by people having access to different information and thus seeing things differently.

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