Five Steps to Driving Same Store Sales  John Boyens

In this action packed session, John will walk your franchises through the five proven steps to successfully increasing same store sales.  Your program will be custom crafted to fit your specific business challenges and can be delivered as a one-hour keynote, two- hour breakout, half-day workshop, or series of sequential sessions.  Your franchisees will walk away knowing:

Step One: Profile your Best Clients to find more that Look like Them
Step Two:  Focus on Customer Retention and Up-Sell
Step Three:  Improve Employee Satisfaction
Step Four: Increase Customer Counts/Frequency
Step Five:  Ensure Operational Excellence

Five Secrets to Selling Bigger Deals Faster!  John Boyens

1.    Call on Bigger Prospects
2.    Ask Existing Clients for Referrals
3.    Differentiate Yourself from your Competition
4.    Cost-justify your Solutions…even if you’re the most Expensive
5.    Articulate your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)


The Keys to Starting/Growing Your B2B Business John Boyens

  • Identifying the Right B2B Vertical Markets
  • Knowing Where & How to Network
  • Establish the Right Market Messaging
  • Asking for and Getting Referrals
  • Creating a Decision Change… Getting the Buyer to Buy

The Secrets to Customer Retention/Up-Selling John Boyens

  • Avoiding the 10 Customer Service Mistakes
  • The Up-Selling Success Formula
  • Influencing versus Selling
  • Positioning your Unique/Exclusive Products
  • Selling to Different Buying Behaviors

The Progress Challenge Dean Lindsey

Dean’s program, The Progress Challenge, offers franchisees a fresh and powerful blueprint to become business attraction magnets, generate quality referrals and gain customer loyalty.

Based on Dean’s best-selling business book, The Progress Challenge: Working and Winning in a World of Change, Progress Challenge training programs are uniquely designed to empower heightened workplace performance for front line staff, managers, franchisees, master franchisees and home office staff.

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