The POWer of Video Email: Ford Saeks

Our dear friend, keynote speaker, and business growth innovator, Ford Saeks has a YouTube Channel with weekly episodes on all things to grow (or “Fordify”) your business. Yep, it’s called, Fordify and it’s a perfect fit for local franchisees. His short (5 minute), easily explained, easily implemented tips provide fresh ideas to up business growth. I loved this one on the use of video emails, we hope you do too. Feel free to pass it along!

Nice, right?

Feel free to sign up for Fordify or send the link along. And can you envision Ford running a tactical breakout session at your next franchise conference or convention? (To be honest, we can too!) His fees start at $9,700 and he travels from Wichita, KS. He’d love to craft content that fits your franchise system, your event objectives and engages your franchisees.

More soon…


P.S. Here’s another of Ford’s Fordify episodes, Responding to Leads Fast…Faster Than You Think.

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