A Simple Foundational Methodology to Stimulate Franchise Business Development
Gerry Wienholt

Creating a foundational methodology, complete with standard terms and concepts, ensures a scalable sales approach for all personnel in your franchise operation.  This framework is simple to understand and easy to implement and defines a structure for sales development that is easy to unify a workforce with varying levels of sales and business development experience.

This consultative, relationship-based approach to selling skills is based on the “best practices” demonstrated by top salespeople in a variety of Fortune 1000 organizations. Through customized case studies, role plays, team exercises, and video models, participants in this interactive workshop learn sales process and practical selling skills to guide their customers through a defined “customer decision process.” Pre-workshop materials and post-workshop reinforcement tools ensure a systematized approach to learning that is easily transferable to the field sales environment.

SalesAbility™ is available as one and two-day workshops.  Modules and topics include:

  • Building trust relationships
  • Providing value to your customers
  • Planning effective sales calls
  • Opening the sales call (the three essential elements)
  • Asking “FOCUS” questions to identify customer needs, priorities, and goals
  • The sales presentation: relating benefits to customer priorities
  • Obtaining feedback
  • Active listening skills
  • Handling customer resistance
  • Gaining commitment/closing
  • Following up

The Progress Challenge Dean Lindsey

Dean’s program, The Progress Challenge, offers franchisees a fresh and powerful blueprint to become business attraction magnets, generate quality referrals and gain customer loyalty.

Based on Dean’s best-selling business book, The Progress Challenge: Working and Winning in a World of Change, Progress Challenge training programs are uniquely designed to empower heightened workplace performance for front line staff, managers, franchisees, master franchisees and home office staff.

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