Healthy Workplace: Shut Down Toxic Talk & Gossip

This is a hot topic! And, one that causes a lot of problems in any franchise system or home office workplace. Toxic Talk, Gossip and Bullsh*t at work!

We all know it to be true, unfortunately many people enjoy participating in generating gossip, rumors, and toxic talk. Galen Emanuele, in-demand franchise speaker and team culture leader, puts it simply. “Don’t do it!”

In a recent blog post titled, “How to Shut Down Toxic Talk, Gossip, & Bullsh*t”, Galen explains that gossip, rumors, and bad mouthing others is a bad look for you. It destroys your reputation, is toxic to your system’s culture, and it’s cruel behavior.

Steering clear of toxic talk stops negativity from stewing inside and around you.

When you allow yourself to indulge in this kind of behavior, it creates social and behavioral patterns for you that add more negativity and drama to your life. Who wants THAT?

Galen Emanuele is a dynamic and engaging  keynote speaker, and an expert in building unstoppable teams and healthy cultures.  He works with franchise teams and organizations as well as  Fortune 500 brands (including Microsoft, Expedia, and Shell).  Galen helps leaders create profound shifts in how teams communicate and show up.

“When it comes to gossip, be the kind of person that stops gossip at the source – it’s good for your reputation, and more importantly, it’s good for your heart.”
            – Galen Emanuele

Thank you, Galen!  We couldn’t agree more! 

Read his entire blog post HERE.

More on Galen Emanuele HERE.

And if you think Galen would resonate with your franchise audience, let’s connect!

P.S. Here’s one of Galen’s most recent testimonials:

“Everyone loved him! Galen Emanuele had such great energy, and his message was right on point. While being funny, he was engaging and personable. We had Galen to speak in the morning and the afternoon of the event. In the morning it was more like a typical keynote, then in the afternoon he gave them the actionable things they like to see. It worked out perfectly! There were great takeaways, and he was really motivational. Galen was great to work with and very responsive. It was a great experience all around.”

~Lora Peterson, Director, Human Resource Development
Great Clips, Inc.

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