When Your Keynote Speaker Fits Your Franchise Culture Like a Glove

My title is Chief Match Maker. 😊So for me, it’s more than just suggesting any skilled professional speaker to keynote at our Client’s franchise convention. In addition to: 1) franchise event learning objectives matching speaker content, 2) a speaker being franchise savvy, 3) passing the no-Diva test, and 4) fitting the Client’s investment level, matching a speaker with the CULTURE of the franchise organization is critical in taking a good presentation to a ‘hit it out of the ballpark’ memorable and meaningful experience!

Here are a couple pictures that tell the story of a slam-dunk cultural fit this month when Craig Zablocki presented the closing keynote at Orangetheory Fitness’ Summit:

Craig Zablocki, Franchise Business Keynote Speaker

Here’s what Craig had to say about why “match-making” by franchise culture ups the experience and how he dials up the connection:

“SPEAK! is a great matchmaker for me, because they understand my unique capacity to use humor as a catalyst to get results. The perfectly matched Franchise wants a culture of fun, is open to innovation, and they don’t want to ride on their laurels. In other words, they want to be challenged to up their game and that’s where I come in. I often confront the status quo of the folks in the audience, but I do it with lots of humor and a generous heart!

The magic happens when I get into the shoes of that franchisee—I talk to the leaders, the managers, the workers, …I visit franchise locations, and want to know what’s working and not working. Then, I customize a fun, interactive and relevant program that challenges the attendees to get out of their comfort zone, and live into their full potential. I understand that a franchise system provides a framework that works…but only when everyone is on board. My job is to get everyone on board!”

Craig’s fees start at $15,000 and he travels from Denver. Craig’s fresh, humorous and engaging content fit for a sales, team-building, leadership, culture or change message. Franchisees LOVE Craig! Let’s talk about the possibilities!

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P.S. The energetic and compelling Dan Thurmon was the opening keynote for this event to wildly wonderful reviews as well. Are you seeing the “culture” fit for both these speakers and this franchise brand?

“Craig Zablocki gave us the perfect closing experience for our 1,000+ attendees. His unique combination of incredible energy, wild enthusiasm, relevant, targeted content and double-over-hilarious humor was the EXACT right experience to send or attendees home with. This guy is just plain FUN! We really appreciate that he did his homework and deeply ‘got’ our brand and culture. The fact that on-site, he couldn’t have been easier to work with was a huge plus! Thanks to SPEAK! FranchiseSpeakers.com for bringing us yet another 5-Star speaker experience and thanks to Craig for really ‘bringing it’ in every way!”

– Events Team, Orangetheory Fitness

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