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Meridith Elliott Powell knows best– whether it is the economy, your competition, customers, employees or a pandemic, this world is changing at rapid speed. And in a marketplace that is shifting and moving like that, how are you supposed to grow a business, or get comfortable enough to take a risk? Yet, at the same time, you logically know you can’t stand still, but what direction do you take?

Check out these five actionable steps you can take to thrive in uncertainty. It’s time to embrace the unknown, harness the constant shifts and create enough focus to seize the opportunities!

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Putting together a fantastic franchise convention is a huge project. Over the years, we have collected a ton of great ideas and best practices from hundreds of our franchise clients. We’d be happy to help in any way we can, so please feel free to reach out.

And remember, at no fee to you, we’ll help you find the perfect, franchise-savvy keynote speaker, breakout trainer, emcee or entertainer to WOW! your franchise audience.

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