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Volume 4, Issue 31
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Lisa McLeod 

Lisa McLeod
The Triangle of Truth at TEDx Peachtree


Lisa McLeod offers a fresh and compelling perspective on sales leadership.  Based on her bestselling book Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work that Makes You Proud, Lisa leads her audiences through a process that will change the way they approach sales, marketing and their employee interactions.  Franchise professionals, whether franchisees or franchisors, will learn how to drive business growth, increase employee engagement and enjoy their jobs more.

Check out what these franchise industry leaders have to say about Lisa’s recent session at the Murphy Business Educational Conference…


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Rocco Fiorentino, President, Benetrends 

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Mark Elson, Monster Tree Service 

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Bob Jackson, Sitters, Etc. 

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Danielle Scott, VP Franchise Development, Patrice & Associates 

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Mila Feldman, Executive Homecare 


Kwik Query – Survey Questions


Today’s Kwik Query… 

What sales skills training and support do you provide your franchisees? 

Please share! 


Kwik Tip 

Anatomy of a Successful Franchise Conference – Murphy Business Does it Again!

A while back, we published a case study of a great franchise convention – the Murphy Business 2012 Annual Conference  http://speakfs.wpengine.com/anatomy-of-a-great-franchise-conference-murphy-business-case-study/.

Hard to imagine, but Roger and his team took their event this year to an even higher level.  The 2014 Murphy Educational Conference was a stellar success and feedback from attendees was off the charts!

Many of the successful practices that we noted in our earlier post are also included here. These convention best practices are well worth mentioning again…and again…and again…



  • Planned Early! Roger started talking to us about his objectives and content goals more than 8 months before the event.
  • Created a clear vision for what they wanted to accomplish from an educational, social, fun, and vendor partner engagement perspective.
  • Selected the right franchise-savvy keynote speaker, Lisa McLeod, to reinforce the overall theme and key content objectives.
  • Planned.  Planned.  Planned.  I can’t say enough about the value of this. By thinking it all through well in advance, Roger and his team had the event running like clockwork.  The result was staff that was present, relaxed and engaged with the franchisees – not running around putting out fires!
  • Communicated consistently and thoroughly with all vendor partners on what to expect, how to be prepared and how to best engage the Murphy Business Brokers for optimum return.
  • Sent a gracious thank you – a copy of Lisa McLeod’s Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work that Makes You Proud to participating vendor partners before the event to let them know how much their support was appreciated and to create excitement about the event!
  • Hired a professional presentation skills coach to help sharpen the messages, delivery and energy of the key executive team members who would be presenting.  Giselle Chapman – what a dynamo she is!  
  • Rehearsed!  Giselle and key presenters were on site early for rehearsal and run through.  With plenty of time to tweak the room set-up, the stage, the sound, and the flow of how it all came together, the finished product was seamless!

During the Event:

  • Set the tone for a high energy and supercharged meeting by opening with a surprise – A BagPipe and Celtic Drum Corps!
  • Intentionally created the right balance of fun, networking and social time, with actionable, educational content.
  • Carefully orchestrated the energy and tone of the meeting from start to finish.  Kept it fresh and fun and kept the pace moving but never made it feel rushed.
  • Engaged attendees – both franchisees and vendor partners – through a variety of interactive activities – speed dating, roundtables, networking receptions, morning workout fun-runs and team building on the beach!
  • Created multiple ways for vendor partners to connect with Murphy Business Brokers to hold meaningful conversations (including targeted roundtables and speed-dating mentioned above).
  • Recognized top performers in a variety of categories that reinforced the culture of the Murphy Business and Financial system.
  • Collected surveys after each workshop and responded to the comments. By responding to the attendee’s comments, the Murphy team continues to demonstrate that they care about the relationship.
  • The Murphy executive team participated in all the events equally including the speed-dating.  Feedback from franchisors on how impressed they were by the Murphy leadership being so engaged was over the top!  
  • Staff and executives alike were relaxed and engaged with participants throughout the event.  Because they were so well organized and prepared, on-site their time was spent engaging with their franchisees and vendor partners, not running around in a state of panic.
  • Closed the meeting with surprise entertainment, Performance Speed Painter, Tim Decker! Tim customized his session and WOWED us all with his amazing talent and great sense of humor.


  • Held a team debrief to identify what went great, what was just ‘good’, and what they don’t want to repeat again immediately after the event.
  • Followed up with vendor partners with a thank-you.
  • Included a series of short reminders, video links and articles in their newsletter to reinforce the key messages of the franchise convention.
  • Had all attendees complete a post-event survey to gather feedback and insights from everyone involved.


A big congratulations to Evelyn, Brandy, Jackie, Roger and everyone on their team for a fabulous event.  You folks really know how to do it right!


More soon…




PS: Check out some of the pictures and testimonials captured at the event!

One of the best parts for me this year was having the gracious Roger Murphy suggested I invite my Mom, also a Floridian to join us. In our debrief, Roger commented that one of the highlights of the event was meeting “Mother SPEAK!”.  I was really  touched by that – thank you Roger!


After team building on the beach, Anna Mitchell a.k.a. “Mother SPEAK!” and I grab some dinner and watch the sunset!



Taking a Pedicab back to the hotel with one quick stop for homemade Gelato!


Having fun in the photo booth with keynote speaker Lisa McLeod!


VIDEO: Opening with a flare – the Bagpipe and Drum Corps


After the auction… Einstein has a new home!


VIDEO: You have to hear what Roger has to say about Tim Decker’s outrageous entertainment.  APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE – the camera women (me) failed terribly connecting the directional microphone!  You can still hear Roger’s comments though so I wanted to post it anyway.


VIDEO: And here’s Tom Miller’s comments on Tim Decker!



Partner Post 

It’s not too late to join Franchise Business Review’s 2014 Ops Webinar Series!

Next Thursday, June 12 at 12:00 PM, I’ll be sharing successful franchise convention secrets along with Roger Murphy of Murphy Business and Financial and Evan Hackel of Ingage Consulting.  Hope you’ll join us for a lively discussion of innovative low-cost and no-cost ideas to include in your next Franchise Convention!

Register here for FBR’s 2014 Ops Webinar Series

Franchise leadership insight from experts who know what it takes to succeed!  The six one-hour sessions will focus on: 

1.     Accelerating the Onboarding Process

2.     Unraveling and Improving Unit Profitability

3.     Franchisee Support: Single vs. Multi-Unit

4.     Maximizing Annual Conferences

5.     System Plateaus: Getting “Unstuck” and Moving Ahead

6.     CEO Power Panel: The Best of Best Practices

Hope you’ll join us on the call or at one of the upcoming franchise industry events this summer!  

More soon!



Katrina Mitchell

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Published on Monday, June 9, 2014


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What Lisa’s Clients Have To Say About Her


“We’ve been mentored by Lisa for over 2 years. The results are magnificent. We’ve grown over 35% in a highly competitive market and refused to participate in the recession. Lisa’s straightforward approach is a big reason for our success.”

Jeff Connally, President & CEO
CMIT Solutions



“Lisa’s program for over 400 coaches and franchisees added tremendous value. She’s smart, she’s funny and her advice makes so much sense. Anyone can relate to it, particularly in today’s times.”

Steve Schick, Head of Business
Entrepreneur’s Choice

“Lisa McLeod is an expert in sales leadership. She’s coached top tier sales teams at Apple, Kimberly-Clark and Procter & Gamble. She knows what it takes to drive growth.”

Jim Stengel, Former CMO
Proctor & Gamble



What Our Clients Say About Us!


“SPEAK! is a joy to work with. We had an event to put together very quickly, and SPEAK! was right on point, with fabulous attention to detail.  Katrina’s concern, not with just finding us a speaker, but finding the RIGHT speaker for our culture, made all the difference in really connecting with our franchisees. I can’t think of anything they could have done better!”

Kara Bowen, Community Manager
Honey Dew Donuts

“SPEAK! is a fantastic resource for any franchise group looking for speakers and trainers.  In the past, I have spent many, many hours looking for the right speaker to address our franchisees.  This year, with SPEAK!’s expert guidance, we invested a fraction of the time and came up with an truly exceptional speaker.  I couldn’t be more pleased and look forward to using SPEAK! as a valued resource for future events.”

Cam Inglis, President
Marble Slab Creamery, Canada



“Working with SPEAK! was, in a word – PERFECT! The process was organized, simple and clean. The speakers they provided were exactly the kind of professionals we were looking for and had the credibility we needed to connect with our franchisees . They listened, and brought exactly what we wanted to this conference. I never worried for a moment about the impact and success of these breakout sessions.”

Alicia Cowell, Director of Learning & Development
CK Franchising, Inc./Comfort Keepers



“SPEAK! helped us quickly find a great speaker for one of our two main franchise conferences. The SPEAK! representatives were easy and fun to work with. We look forward to working with the SPEAK! team to provide our franchise system with quality learning delivered by great speakers in the future.


Becky Seiler, Manager of Learning & Development & Events    
BrightStar Franchising, LLC



“SPEAK! made finding the perfect speaker for our annual Spring Meeting SO EASY! Katrina listened to what we wanted to accomplish and quickly presented us with the perfect options to choose from. I felt confident from the start that we would have a first-rate speaker to really support both our franchisees and our vendor partners. As a conference planner with so many details to manage, I loved SPEAK!’s proactive checklist and timeline — logistically, they were amazing to work with. The entire experience couldn’t have been easier nor produced better results and I’d recommend Katrina and her team at SPEAK! to any franchise company looking for outside talent!”


Karen Cady, Conference & Event Director




“We worked with SPEAK! to find the right keynote speakers for our recent franchise convention and loved how easy they made the process for us. I very much appreciate that the speakers they helped us secure understood franchising, were easy to work with and did their homework to genuinely connect with our franchisees. We look forward to working with Katrina and her team for our next event!”


Adam Stiles, Director of Operations & Support

City Wide Franchise Co.



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