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Volume 4, Issue 34

Kwik Clip!

SPEAK!’s Video Premier!


The first time I saw a whiteboard video, it spoke to me at an essential level and I knew it was something I wanted to do for SPEAK!  We are delighted to premier our brand new ‘How SPEAK! Serves the Franchise Community’ video. 


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We had so much fun working with Dennis and the folks at Story Vision Video that we offered to become a referral partner.  If you are interested in doing your own whiteboard video, mention that you heard about these great folks via SPEAK! and they’ll give you an added bonus valued at $195!


Of course, we’d love your feedback. In fact, if you can guess what our favorite segment is, we’ll send you a special report on How to Make Your Awards Ceremony Magical and Memorable.  Simply drop me a note on which segment you like the best!



Kwik Query


How do you use video in your franchise and customer communications?



Please share! 




Kwik Tip


We are so excited about the debut of our Story Vision Video, that we wanted to pass along a recent article from the Story Vision team on the value and impact of using this kind of video in marketing communications.


The Psychology of Whiteboard Video or you do have to be a bit wacky to do this stuff!


Clients say their whiteboard Story Vision Videos attract new prospects, make websites stickier, increase comprehension and boost sales. Now scientific research shows they not only work, but work dramatically!


Dr. Richard Wiseman is a psychologist and recognized expert in the psychologies of belief, persuasion and change. He’s authored several academic books and peer-reviewed scientific papers on this and consulted for shows on major television networks in the US and Britain. 


Wiseman’s work shows we remember nearly twenty percent more of what’s said when it’s said in an animated video! 


Wiseman studied 1,000 people watching two videos: one of Wiseman speaking on camera; the other the sound track from the Wiseman video with animated drawings replacing Wiseman’s talking head. Viewers were quizzed after watching a video. 


Seventy percent of people who watched the Wiseman talking head remembered vital information. But ninety-two percent of people remembered information from the animation!


Wiseman was astounded, given that most psychologists believe it takes a ton of work just to get a five percent increase in recall.


Wow!  A 22% increase in impact and effect just by watching a whiteboard video! 


Want to speak to Dennis and team directly?  Here’s how to reach him – 262-238-8740 and be sure and mention that SPEAK! sent you.  He’ll have your Story Vision Video in about 3-4 weeks!



Partner Post


Guest Post from our friends at Plave Koch:


“Worry But Don’t Hperventilate”


Carefully watching the developments around the NLRB’s recent rulings, clearly the franchise community has a lot to be concerned about.  In Plave Koch’s recent article, “Worry But Don’t Hyperventilate”, they offer a clear outline of what’s happening and what steps a franchisor might consider taking now.  


Here’s the link:  



Hope you find this as clear and informative as we did.  Many thanks to the team at Plave Koch.


More soon…




Katrina Mitchell

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Published on Thursday, August 14, 2014


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What Our Clients Say About Us!


“SPEAK!’s expertise really shines through. For the third year in a row, we put our trust in Katrina’s knowledge of great franchise speakers and successful franchise conventions. That expertise coupled with her knowledge and understanding of our culture and our brand really paid off. I can’t think of anything they could have done better!”


Rob Weddle, COO

The Cleaning Authority



“SPEAK! has helped us hit a home run with our annual franchise Reunion speakers three years in a row! They helped me move quickly to find the perfect speaker and kept us on track through the entire process. We rely on SPEAK! as a trusted partner in helping us create a great experience for our franchisees and I really appreciate that we don’t have to worry about the speaker element of our event in any way – from overall fit, to preparedness, to seamless management of the logistical details, SPEAK! nails it for us every time!”


Alex Bingham, Senior VP Operations

The Little Gym International



“SPEAK! is a joy to work with. We had an event to put together very quickly, and SPEAK! was right on point, with fabulous attention to detail. Katrina’s concern, not with just finding us a speaker, but finding the RIGHT speaker for our culture, made all the difference in really connecting with our franchisees. I can’t think of anything they could have done better!”


Kara Bowen, Community Manager

Honey Dew Donuts



“When I make an investment in a speaker, we get one shot; it’s a sizable investment in what could be a HUGE miss. As it turns out, working with SPEAK! was one of the best decision of my professional career! Katrina’s guidance and expertise took the guesswork out of the process, and ensured that my investment was a HUGE HIT instead. The value the speakers brought to the conference was incredible. Almost all of our franchisees came up to us and said, “This is by far the best conference we have ever had!” and they are a pretty discerning bunch. There isn’t anything SPEAK! could have done better – and we’re already looking forward to working with them next year!”


Allan Young, CEO

ShelfGenie Franchise Systems, LLC


“SPEAK! is a fantastic resource for any franchise group looking for speakers and trainers.  In the past, I have spent many, many hours looking for the right speaker to address our franchisees.  This year, with SPEAK!’s expert guidance, we invested a fraction of the time and came up with an truly exceptional speaker.  I couldn’t be more pleased and look forward to using SPEAK! as a valued resource for future events.”

Cam Inglis, President
Marble Slab Creamery, Canada



“Working with SPEAK! was, in a word – PERFECT! The process was organized, simple and clean. The speakers they provided were exactly the kind of professionals we were looking for and had the credibility we needed to connect with our franchisees . They listened, and brought exactly what we wanted to this conference. I never worried for a moment about the impact and success of these breakout sessions.”

Alicia Cowell, Director of Learning & Development
CK Franchising, Inc./Comfort Keepers



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