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Volume 4, Issue 29
Kwik Clip!

David Avrin 


The Visibility Coach


Known as one of the most in-demand marketing and branding speakers in the world today, David Avrin is The Visibility Coach. In his entertaining and highly-actionable presentations, David shows franchise owners and their front-line teams how to recognize and promote a truly unique and marketable competitive advantage. He reminds audiences that everything they do and don’t do matters to their customers and their brand. David packs his presentations with tailored content, engaging stories and an enthusiastic and highly-entertaining delivery style.  He will both empower and equip your team to deliver on your franchise system’s brand promise every day.




Kwik Tip


SPEAK!’s ‘On-the-Spot Video Studio’


So many clients and colleagues have asked us about our video camera set-up that we use at trade shows and events, we thought we’d share the components!  

Here’s a short video that outlines our ‘On-the-Spot Video Studio’ for you piece-by-piece.


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SPEAK!’s ‘On-the-Spot Video Studio’ components:


1.     Camera – Kodak Zi8 – Some of these can still be found on Amazon and on E-bay. The Zi8 is an older model. The model that Kodak is now making is the Zi10. This one also has the microphone input. Having input for an external mic is the key to the whole endeavor! List price $119.00

2.     Microphone – Originally, I had a very subtle, small lapel mic. Then one evening it struck me that we could make this more fun and far more memorable by making our interviews look and feel like a spoof of a professional broadcast and voila!–the SPEAK! mic was born!

a.     Handheld Mic – First I went to Radio Shack and bought the largest and most visible hand-held mic they had.  
Mic: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2123173#stuff-you-want

b.     Windscreen – I also invested in the puffy foam windscreen to make it even larger. The functionality of the windscreen is that it cuts down on breath sounds and wind noise.

c.     Mic Flag – Next, I called my great friend Deric Swanson, videographer extraordinaire, and asked “what’s that thingamagiggy that is on the newscaster’s microphones?” Ahhh, he said, “A Mic Flag!”. Off I went to Google, found a company http://www.custommicflags.com/ and ordered a blank one which I then took to our local FastSigns for application of the SPEAK! logo.

3.     There are several other items that I found useful that we keep in the ‘Studio’ bag including:

a.     Camera charger

b.     Extra card for lots more storage space

c.     2 lapel mics with splitter for interviewing two people at the same time

d.     Fresh batteries for the two lapel mics

e.     Collapsible tripod

f.      A remote for the camera so that I can be on screen and start and stop the clip without getting up!

There you have it! All of that fits in the little bag you see me carrying around at the shows.

Feel free to contact me directly with any specific questions.

Happy filming and hope to seeing you at a franchise event sometime soon!


P.S. Here’s a couple of examples of how we have used our ‘On-the-Spot Video Studio’. Enjoy!


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Joanne Webb-Joyce of 7-Eleven on
Working with SPEAK!


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Karen Samples of FOCUS Brands on

Working with SPEAK!



Katrina Mitchell

Chief Match Maker
Franchise Speakers That Deliver!
We know the Franchise World. It’s all we do.

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Published on Friday, April 25, 2014


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What David’s Clients Say About Him


“David Avrin was the keynote speaker at our recent Branch Leadership Conference and did a great job for our team. Our group was engaged in every way and David had them learning and laughing out loud through the process. He was easy to relate to and expressed his message clearly. If you are looking for a keynote speaker for your next franchise event who will deliver a great message with humor, authenticity and engagement, I’m confident that David Avrin will deliver.”


Jayson Pearl, Chief Brand Officer

BrightStar Franchising, LLC



“David was our first speaker to receive a 100% approval rating on our post event evaluation. We’ve already hired him to speak for two more events!”


Rich Viola, President & CEO
Hotel Interactive, Inc.



“Our group voted you as the #1 speaker we’ve hired in over three years. Wonderful!”


Barbara Edwards, President & CEO  

California Host Meeting & Event Management



“Wow! You have such a gift for speaking. Engaging, funny and very informative!”


Davis Federspiel    
International SPA Association



What Our Clients Say About Us!



“SPEAK! helped us quickly find a great speaker for one of our two main franchise conferences. The SPEAK! representatives were easy and fun to work with. We look forward to working with the SPEAK! team to provide our franchise system with quality learning delivered by great speakers in the future.


Becky Seiler, Manager of Learning & Development & Events    
BrightStar Franchising, LLC



“SPEAK! made finding the perfect speaker for our annual Spring Meeting SO EASY! Katrina listened to what we wanted to accomplish and quickly presented us with the perfect options to choose from. I felt confident from the start that we would have a first-rate speaker to really support both our franchisees and our vendor partners. As a conference planner with so many details to manage, I loved SPEAK!’s proactive checklist and timeline — logistically, they were amazing to work with. The entire experience couldn’t have been easier nor produced better results and I’d recommend Katrina and her team at SPEAK! to any franchise company looking for outside talent!”


Karen Cady, Conference & Event Director




“We worked with SPEAK! to find the right keynote speakers for our recent franchise convention and loved how easy they made the process for us. I very much appreciate that the speakers they helped us secure understood franchising, were easy to work with and did their homework to genuinely connect with our franchisees. We look forward to working with Katrina and her team for our next event!”


Adam Stiles, Director of Operations & Support

City Wide Franchise Co.



“We love working with SPEAK! They made it all so easy and we really appreciate how they helped us manage the speaker process with their proactive systems. We have already started working with them to find another great speaker for 2015 and we just finished our 2014 event!”


Lynn Chapman, Regional Director of Field Operations & Event Manager
Showhomes Franchise Corporation



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