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Volume 4, Issue 30
Kwik Clip!

The Corps Group



The Corps Group
Building High Performance Teams


For over a decade, The Corps Group members have been guiding franchise organizations, top global companies, and Fortune 500 executives, to drive strategy, improve execution, and develop high performing teams.

The Corps Group is an elite company of military officers, fighter pilots, combat-proven military leaders, and corporate executives. As former TOP GUN graduates, instructor pilots, and military professionals, their extensive training and leadership experience give them a unique point of view, clear insights and a practical tool-kit to share with franchise audiences. And they truly understand the franchise model. In fact, members of their team have owned and currently operate a franchise.




Kwik Query – Survey Questions


I found this on the internet so it must be true…“a ‘query’ is a small question or a ‘preguntita’”. I really liked that idea so starting with this edition of our bi-monthly newsletter, we will be collecting input from our valued franchise industry ‘Leader Readers’. We’ll be publishing the survey results in each following edition and compiling results on our website for reference as well.

So here it is, our first Kwik Query…


Do you include an interactive Team Building experience for your franchisees at your franchise convention?


If so, please share!




Kwik Tip


The Most Critical Yet Often Overlooked Step to Success – the DEBRIEF!


If you are a SPEAK! client, you know that we run a debrief on every speaker’s session the week after the event.  This has been our practice from the very beginning and the ability to anticipate our client’s needs and deliver a fun, easy, and stress-free speaker experience is a direct result of the invaluable feedback we have received from our franchisor clients over the years.  

During a SPEAK! debrief, we are likely to ask:

1.     What impact did the speaker have on your franchisees overall from your point of view?

2.     What direct feedback from franchisees did you receive?

3.     How well do you feel the speaker understood your brand, your culture and your learning objectives for the event?

4.     Did they do their homework and did they use their understanding to connect more directly and authentically with your franchisees?

5.     How were they to work with logistically?  Were they open, available, communicative, flexible, prepared, and relaxed?

6.     Was there anything that they could have done better from a preparedness, content, delivery or logistics standpoint?

7.     On a scale of ‘1-10’, what score would you give this session/speaker?

8.     How did SPEAK! serve you in the process of speaker selection and management?

9.     Is there anything that SPEAK! could do to serve you better?

10.   Would you recommend SPEAK! to franchise colleagues looking for outside talent?

Taking advantage of the clarity and wisdom gleaned from a debrief makes it possible to identify:

1.     What worked and how to include those successes in future efforts

2.     What didn’t work to be sure and not repeat those actions

3.     Create systems, templates, protocols and checklists that will streamline the process the next time around

The biggest challenge to executing an effective debrief?
Blocking the time to DO IT!

Many people don’t do a debrief session because they are already busy working on the next project. The purpose of the debrief is to find better ways of doing things the next time by identifying mistakes and clarifying and documenting efficiencies.

In our office, we call it ‘completing the cycle’. I can honestly say the practice of running a debrief, whether applied to an event that we are running, a client’s experience of a SPEAK! speaker, or an internal initiative, has been the foundation of our success.

And by the way, in a Corps Groups facilitated training, franchisees will learn how to execute an effective debrief in a tactical, step-by-step process.

Happy Debriefing!




Partner Post


Don’t Miss Franchise Business Review’s 2014 Ops Webinar Series!

FBR’s 2014 Ops Webinar Series features franchise leadership insights from experts who know what it takes to succeed.  You will  have the unique opportunity to interact with a variety of highly successful franchisors, suppliers, and industry leaders. The six one-hour sessions will focus on: 

  • Accelerating the Onboarding Process
  • Unraveling and Improving Unit Profitability
  • Franchisee Support: Single vs. Multi-Unit
  • Maximizing Annual Conferences
  • System Plateaus: Getting “Unstuck” and Moving Ahead
  • CEO Power Panel: The Best of Best Practices

Registration is now open! Sign up for $299, or purchase multiple registrations for your team at a discounted rate!  

Featured panelists to include…


Interesting Image


And on June 12 at 12:00 PM, I’ll be sharing successful franchise convention secrets along with Roger Murphy of Murphy Business and Financial, and Evan Hackel of Ingage Consulting!  Hope you’ll join us for a lively discussion of innovative low-cost and no-cost ideas to include in your next Franchise Convention!


Please join us!


Katrina Mitchell

Chief Match Maker
Franchise Speakers That Deliver!
We know the Franchise World. It’s all we do.

303-669-9905 Cell
katrinalmitchell (skype)


Published on Friday, May 16, 2014


10 Step Checklist

Get the checklist for choosing the right franchise speaker here!


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What The Corps Group’s Clients Say About Them


“I attended the Corps Group High Performance Team Event recently. I wanted to take a moment to personally thank your team for an exceptional day filled with great tips and excitement. I especially appreciated the fact that you did your homework and studied Lowe’s and ProServices. You incorporated our lingo in your presentations so well, it seemed like you have worked with us for decades!  That showed that you cared enough about our company and your own company to go the extra mile – very rare with many speakers. This certainly sets your team at a much higher level than many speakers I have heard in the past. And the energy – wow!  Everyone who attended has been rejuvenated and inspired to become better at what we do.  I’ve got a feeling many of the solid points you’ve shared with us will stay with us for quite some time.

Cathy De Groff
Lowe’s ProServices National Accounts



“Having worked with The Corps Group, their quest for excellence and precision execution, style, approach and innovative way of presenting Strategy and High Performing Organization concepts has transformed our operations and workforce! They have helped us build an organization fully capable of thinking, planning, and executing strategy at every level!”


P. Wallace, Manager
Cisco Systems



“High performing teams are a critical component of execution regardless of how technology is used. In a very unique way, these events gave us the ability to show how our technology can be used in a mission critical role. I believe both events were successful and will help us to generate new opportunities.”

Trey Kimball, Partner Account Manager



What Our Clients Say About Us!


“Working with SPEAK! was, in a word – PERFECT! The process was organized, simple and clean. The speakers they provided were exactly the kind of professionals we were looking for and had the credibility we needed to connect with our franchisees . They listened, and brought exactly what we wanted to this conference. I never worried for a moment about the impact and success of these breakout sessions.”

Alicia Cowell, Director of Learning & Development
CK Franchising, Inc./Comfort Keepers



“SPEAK! helped us quickly find a great speaker for one of our two main franchise conferences. The SPEAK! representatives were easy and fun to work with. We look forward to working with the SPEAK! team to provide our franchise system with quality learning delivered by great speakers in the future.


Becky Seiler, Manager of Learning & Development & Events    
BrightStar Franchising, LLC



“SPEAK! made finding the perfect speaker for our annual Spring Meeting SO EASY! Katrina listened to what we wanted to accomplish and quickly presented us with the perfect options to choose from. I felt confident from the start that we would have a first-rate speaker to really support both our franchisees and our vendor partners. As a conference planner with so many details to manage, I loved SPEAK!’s proactive checklist and timeline — logistically, they were amazing to work with. The entire experience couldn’t have been easier nor produced better results and I’d recommend Katrina and her team at SPEAK! to any franchise company looking for outside talent!”


Karen Cady, Conference & Event Director




“We worked with SPEAK! to find the right keynote speakers for our recent franchise convention and loved how easy they made the process for us. I very much appreciate that the speakers they helped us secure understood franchising, were easy to work with and did their homework to genuinely connect with our franchisees. We look forward to working with Katrina and her team for our next event!”


Adam Stiles, Director of Operations & Support

City Wide Franchise Co.



No Divas

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