Speakers Who Were Franchisees CONNECT!

Here’s the SPEAK! promise: Any speaker we recommend will be franchise savvy—they will understand the uniqueness of the zor/zee relationship. And this week we are featuring presenters that have [...]

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SPEAK!’s Top 10 Under 10 – Updated!

Whether you’re a growing franchise system with a moderate speaker budget, OR one interested in utilizing additional speakers for specific session objectives, SPEAK! is often asked about the [...]

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Send Flowers to the Living!

The best ‘people practices’ don’t have to be complicated or expensive to work.  T.J. Schier’s practical, tactical book, Send Flowers to the Living is packed full of sincere, real and relevant [...]

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SPEAK!s Top 10 Under 10

We are often asked by growing franchise systems with moderate speaker budgets about what quality of speaker they can get for an investment of $10,000 of under.  SPEAK! has searched out some great [...]

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Send Flowers to the Living

TJ Schier, one of our most recent additions to the SPEAK! roster has a great philosophy – don’t wait to show your appreciation, do it now and do it often! TJ is an expert at teaching companies [...]

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