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Finding the Opportunity in the Obstacle

Visionaries will find the Opportunity In the Obstacle through this experience. One thing for sure, we will likely not go ‘back’ to how our businesses were run before. We will move ahead and take key elements forward with us, improve, innovation, collaborate and create. Already so many ‘silver linings’ are being shared.  

Innovation, Change, Progress, Collaboration & Creativity are key takeaways here.


Can quarantine be a win for productivity?

Innovation expert, Josh Linkner proposes six areas of focus to turn this time into a big opportunity.


Josh is the go-to expert on innovation (and professional jazz musician—fun!) for many of the world’s top brands and most influential leaders. He has nearly three decades of research and practical innovation experience, ranging from product and marketing innovations, to creative processes and operations, to building a culture of innovation.


Navigating Change & “This is the way we’ve always done it.”

Expert on the culture of engagement and connection, Galen Emanuele, pulled out a few poignant video clips from his library. This one deals with change and the acceptance of doing things differently—as is being forced upon us during this time.


Galen is an expert in human behavior. His captivating programs teach how to apply the improv concept of “Yes, And” to improve communication, team performance, and create an intentional culture of high-level engagement.

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