IMPACT Performance™ Presentation
A Catalyst for Increasing Productivity and Passion in the Franchise Workplace

Gerry Wienholt

Not all of your franchisees love working in your system.   Perhaps, you already knew that.   What you may not know is the extent of the discontent.

You can divide any working population into three categories:

1)      people who are engaged (loyal and productive)

2)      those who are not engaged (just putting in time)

3)      those who are actively disengaged (unhappy and spreading their discontent)

According to a Gallup study, the U.S. working population is 26% engaged, 55% not engaged, and 19% actively disengaged.  The most “engaged” workplaces were 50% more likely to have lower turnover, 56% more likely to have higher-than-average customer loyalty, 38% more likely to have above-average productivity, and 27% more likely to report higher profitability.

IMPACT Performance is an inspirational multimedia event that encourages personal accountability and responsibility for individual and team success. It is packed with concepts and principles that stimulate engagement among your franchisees. Dynamically incorporating music, stories, movies, and humor, Gerry Wienholt engages and compels his audience to grasp a higher vision for their work performance.

This program will help participants to:

  • Define expectations and standards that eliminate the mystery of what great performance looks like.
    Create an environment where employees are more likely to passionately engage.
    Empower the workforce with principles and methodologies that guarantee increased results.
    Infuse the culture with a sense of personal responsibility and accountability.

The Passionate Performer Program™
Improving the Critical Success Factors of Your Organization!
Gerry Wienholt

The Passionate Performer Program is a proven methodology that ensures success for franchisees interested in implementing a proven system for growth.  This organizational development program focuses on establishing five critical success areas as healthy, mature components of the franchise organization.  Following the PEP Assessment™, an executive report is generated to determine the best implementation strategy.

Franchise Development: Inspiring a Team of Passionate Performers
Successful implementation of these five critical success areas results in motivated employees-what we call Passionate Performers.  These motivated employees create satisfied customers leading to financial success.

This program will help participants to:

  • Gain an awareness of the 5 critical success factors for any franchise operation.
    Implement simple methods to develop these critical components in your franchise operation.
    Develop communication and leadership skills to effectively mobilize a team to action.
    Establish the framework required to ensure ongoing passionate performance and extraordinary results.

DOT – Discipline of Thought™
Accelerating the Law of Attraction – A Personal Leadership Program for Franchise Operators  Gerry Wienholt

Discipline of Thought is a method of personal leadership.  It is an ongoing act of self-control that, when practiced effectively and consistently, will reap great benefits for the individual and the organization.

DOT is a practice where the individual focuses on a pre-defined vision that represents a desired, ideal picture of the future – which includes zero negative aspects!  This vision becomes the target!

Some might consider this concept simply the “power of positive thinking”, but this assumption would undermine the DOT principle.  The “positive thinking” movement taught us to overcome our negative thoughts with positive ones.  To the contrary, The DOT concept is a pre-emptive strike on negativity!

Often our negative, undisciplined thinking hinders the realization of our dreams and ultimately can sabotage our future.  Once we articulate our vision, the consistent action of disciplining our thoughts around this pre-defined vision effectively eliminates negative distractions and deterrents.  Consistently staying focused on this positive vision will noticeably decrease doubt and skepticism and dramatically accelerate the attraction of resources needed to make the vision a reality.

This DOT principle begs the simple, introspective question, “What are you thinking?”  A continual awareness of our thoughts is a necessary filtering technique that ensures the self-directed accountability required to stay true to our pre-defined vision.  The sobering reality is, what we think is what we create.

This program will help participants to:

  • Develop a critical awareness of the implications of not only what we say and do, but how we think and the power of our thoughts to impact results.
  • Define a methodology that empowers people to control future outcomes.


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