Franchise Relations Topics for Franchisors

Franchising Industry Conference Keynote Presentations

Greg Nathan regularly addresses franchise industry conferences around the world, sharing principles, stories, case studies and the latest research from the Institute on what franchisors need to know if they are to build a prosperous franchise network with happy, profitable franchisees.

Improving the Effectiveness of Field Visits — 2 Day Workshop

This professional development workshop is for field support consultants and operations executives, including regional managers or master franchisees. It is based on the popular book, The Franchisors Guide to Improving Field Visits, and includes teaching of vital principles, case studies, small group exercises, questionnaires and the practice of relevant skills — all designed to improve the knowledge, skills and confidence of the franchisee support team.

Franchise Management Workshops

These workshops help the franchisor team understand the importance of developing a healthy franchising culture. Using facilitated open discussion and case studies this program addresses fundamental questions that can make or break a franchise group. These sessions are run by either Greg Nathan or Debb Lowe.

Creating an Effective Franchise Advisory Council — 1 Day Workshop

This facilitated workshop shows franchisors and franchisees how to ensure their FAC gets off on the right foot. We explain what practices drive productive FACs and then facilitate a proven process that enables the group to “customise” its own FAC process using principles that work.

Philosophy of Franchising — Half Day Workshop

A workshop for the whole franchisor team — administration, marketing, operations, IT and finance people — for building a successful franchising culture. Includes teaching of vital principles, case studies and small group exercises all designed to raise awareness of the needs of franchisees and the franchisor’s role as a leader and facilitator of best practices.

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