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Change 180°The O’Shea Report

In their hilarious news-magazine format, “The O’Shea Report,” Tim and Kris O’Shea take you on a journey through the ups and downs of dealing with change.  This “Saturday-Night-Live-meets-Dateline” production lampoons everything from communication through the ages to the future of technology.

Kris and Tim O’Shea are both familiar with the corporate world.  While working office jobs during the day, they honed their skills as humor writers and performers at night.  Their natural talents for making audiences laugh combined with their knowledge of the common obstacles of the workplace has given them the edge to effectively convey their unique message: change is all around us, so we may as well lighten up and have fun with it.

Now one of the most sought-after humor teams in the meetings industry, The O’Sheas travel from coast to coast, presenting to such organizations as Nordstrom, Hewlett Packard, Travelers Express/MoneyGram, and the American Payroll Association.

Cracking the Networking CODE; 4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships Dean Lindsey

Whether you have a black belt in business growth through connecting or are completely new to the concept, you will enjoy Dean’s humorous yet highly practical approach to meeting, connecting, and developing longterm relationships with others.

Dean Lindsay’s presentation, based on his best selling business book Cracking the Networking CODE, is filled with fresh insights and practical tips on how to build meaningful, profitable, win-win relationships for your franchise business and your life.

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