Social Media Strategies for Franchisors:
How to dip your toes into the Social World Nick Powills

Social Media: The term the media has planted in your head; your franchisees have already owned; and what every young person swears to be the future. Whether Social Media is truly the be-all/end-all to the future of communications, you know, as a brand that you have to jump in, control, communicate, interact and build, if for nothing else, the desire to not fall behind the competition.

These days, though, the power of knowing you have to jump in is not enough. Especially since knowing that your brand is vulnerable to customer criticism and that your franchisees are already involved and possibly not honoring your brand standards won’t control the content.  The Social Media tidal wave has changed the way customers and franchisees interact—with each other, with our brands and with the media. Now is the time to evolve your brand with a thought out strategy.

In this hard hitting presentation, Nick Powills guides franchisors through the potential pitfalls and powerful gains at play in the arena of Social Media.  Nick helps franchisors understand:

  • How to structure and communicate an effective Social Media policy for your franchisees
  • How to enroll your franchisees and work together as one brand supporting a successful, brand-wide Social Media campaign
  • An understanding of how customers use Social Media to discuss your brand
  • A REAL TIME view at how prospects (both consumer and franchisee) see your brand
  • How incorporating Social Media into a Progressive Communications™ strategy has eclipsed the tired limitations of a traditional PR campaigns
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