Mastering AI and Prompt Engineering in Franchising

Discover Best Practices, Pitfalls to Avoid, and Actionable Strategies for Franchisors & Franchisees — with Ford Saeks

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Why you and your staff should watch this video training

  • The 4 common pitfalls to avoid when using any AI platform
  • Discover the 7 Key elements for effective AI prompts
  • Using ChatGPT for personalized customer interactions
  • Explore popular AI applications across various roles
  • Understand the scalability benefits of AI for franchise growth
  • Live demonstrations of AI automation in action
  • Uncover cost-saving potentials through AI integration
  • New settings and integrations to supercharge your results
  • Discover how AI boosts efficiency and decision-making
  • Best practices targeted to franchisors and franchisees

Unlock AI’s power for franchisors and franchisees!

Meet Your Guide: Ford Saeks

Franchise Speakers is Sponsoring one of our top-rated keynote speakers to present this special interactive virtual training. 

Here’s what differentiates Ford:

    • Marrying Strategy with System: With decades of franchising experience, Ford stands out by understanding the delicate balance between innovation and the importance of adhering to established systems. His expertise is rooted in delivering insights that foster growth while remaining in alignment with franchising principles.
    • Practical Experience: Ford’s extensive journey, highlighted by helping clients generate over a billion dollars in sales across varied industries, lends him a credibility that is hard to match. His presentations and books aren’t just theoretical; they’re the distillation of real-world experiences, tailor-made for the franchise landscape.
    • Endorsed by Leading Franchise Brands: Esteemed franchise brands like MTY Group, Home Franchise Concepts, Subway, Freddy’s, Alliance Franchise Brands, OrangeTheory Fitness, the International Franchise Association (IFA), and many more have trusted Ford to deliver high value content and actionable takeaways. 
    • Golden Nuggets: Ford’s sessions are renowned not just for their actionable content but also for their engaging delivery. Whether through a keynote or an intensive workshop, Ford ensures that his audience leaves with strategic and tactical insights, all designed to fortify and enhance their franchise operations and local marketing.

Mastering AI and Prompt Engineering in Franchising

Discover Best Practices, Pitfalls to Avoid, and Actionable Strategies for Franchisors & Franchisees

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