Walter Bond is energetic and speaks directly to the heart of each individual. Sprinkled with humor and stories, his message comes through clear and it sticks. His presentations, audios and DVDs remain key mojo builders that our sales team uses again and again.”

Shauna Parsons, Franchisee
Evergreen Basement Systems

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Walter Bond

Mr. Accountability

Professional Athlete to Professional Speaker

When something goes wrong, does everyone start pointing fingers and making excuses? How much more productive would your franchise organization be if everyone took responsibility for their mistakes and shortcomings and continuous improvement was a team effort both for franchisees and franchisors? Walter Bond delivers a solid message of personal accountability, overcoming adversity, power of confidence and pursuit of excellence to the highest degree. Your franchisees will be rocked with enthusiasm, inspired to work as a team and motivated to run their businesses better.
Walter Bond, also known as “Mr. Accountability”, is recognized as one of the world’s preeminent thought leaders on training and development, with a presentation style that is in a class all by itself.He has shared his messages with thousands of franchisees, master franchisees and franchisors around the world on how accountability influences leadership, sales and productivity. Bond is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).

Watch this series of clips of Walter’s motivational presentations with excellent and exciting information for improving your franchise organization:

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Popular Presentations Include:

  • No One Can stop You, But You
  • Are You Still Unstoppable?
  • Leaders: Get Out of The Way!
  • Sell It Like You Mean It!

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