Alright Mr. Hazard, I'm Ready for My Close-Up!

I certainly hope I'm not as creepy as Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard, but I WAS equally excited to get in front the camera with Troy Hazard for some major franchise talk! One of my favorite topics that Troy talks about as a franchise speaker is “Truth or Fear”.  He explains one of his many ground-breaking revelations:  “It isn't the truth that hurts us; it's our resistance to that truth that actually hurts.” That was certainly a head-slapper for me!

All of these highly valuable videos are great tools to share with your franchise team at your next weekly meeting or would be great to send along with a Monday Morning Motivation email.

And the best part? They're FREE! That's how much Troy cares about the global franchise community! He's giving away the goods! Click on the image below to view the clips.

After you and your team watch the videos, drop me a note and let me know which resonates with you the most. You can also hire Troy to create a customized program for your organization – call me NOW (720-304-3710)! Yes, stop whatever you're doing immediately, go pour a cup of coffee and let's have a little chat.

More soon…


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