Andy Core: Why Not Thrive?

Andy Core recently knocked it out of the park for one of our clients! In fact the overwhelming sentiment from the planning team as well as the attendees was, “we wish his session had been mandatory, because people were bummed to have missed it!”

Andy is a credentialed, award-winning thought leader on increasing employee engagement, productivity, wellness and motivation. His talent lies in teaching hard-working, conscientious adults to absolutely THRIVE in the midst of chaos, change and stress in their businesses (and personal lives). And now he has a brand new program on leadership…(but more about that after his video. 🙂 )]

And now, Andy is naturally transferring his exciting and tactical style to addressing leadership—leadership no matter where you are within the franchise team. His new keynote or workshop program is entitled Step Up: How to Motivate Yourself and Others to Lead With or Without a Title. And here what Andy has to say about this program:

“It takes a lot to step up and lead when you don’t have “formal authority.” It is risky, takes a lot of energy and takes time away from your to-do list. Is it worth it? You bet, and here is why:

  • Leading boosts meaning (Several studies show taking a more “Meaningful Orientation” at work is the #1 way to increase your energy at work)
  • Leading boosts collaboration (Several studies show taking a “Collaborative Orientation” at work is the #2 way to increase your energy at work)
  • Leading boosts learning (Several studies show taking a “Learners Orientation” at work is the #3 way to increase your energy at work)

Leading with or without a title is a win for franchisees and ultimately their staff and employees! This program will outline the top three, evidence based, ways you can lead more, accomplish more and enjoy work more no matter what your title is within the franchise system.”

Can you see this as a bullseye not only for leadership, but employee engagement, retention, teambuilding and change management? I can. And I’m telling you, your franchisees would have a blast learning and laughing with Andy!

Andy’s fees start at $7,500 and he travels from Fayetteville, AR. He’s delivers incredible value. I’d love to brainstorm about Andy as tactical breakout speaker, keynote or a combination for your next event.

More soon…


P.S. FYI: Speaker calendars are REALLY filling up for 2017 events. We’ve been running into speakers who feel like perfect fits, but then are not available during client dates. 🙁 Let’s talk sooner rather than later if you have speaker needs for 2017, so we can place holds on options while your team evaluates the options!

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