Ava Diamond at the Women’s Franchise Network

Women's Franchise Network event featuring Ava Diamond of Feisty Woman Productions

We had a fantastic turnout for the Women's Franchise Network event here in Denver this week!

Ava Diamond shared her amazing insights on why in today's world, women struggle to remain true to themselves while maximizing their business success.

In her presentation, “What Your Daddy Didn't Tell You … and Your Mama Didn't Know: Success Strategies for Women”, Ava had us all laughing- and relating – to how different childhood lessons learned by boys and girls impact business success.

WFN Speaker Ava Diamond Co-Chair Jenni Wisniewski
Ava Diamond with Co-Chair Jenni Wisniewski

Ava rocked the house with her simple lessons on how to use our female leadership style for a competitive advantage, how to speak powerfully and be heard and how to build professional reputations within our organizations and beyond. I think I can speak for everyone there and say how much we appreciated Ava's insights, humor, and

her easy, authentic style. Thanks Ava!

I know I'll be using the tools you gave us — in fact, I already have!

Ava is the president of Feisty Woman Productions www.FeistyWomenRock.com
and the Diamond Success Group http://avadiamond.com

Some of the responses to Ava's presentation:

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