Dennis Snow: Everything Speaks—Either Enhancing or Detracting From Your Brand

Dennis Snow’s passion for and understanding of customer service excellence was honed over 20 years at Disney. And now, as a keynote speaker, he both inspires and provides tactical tools to help franchise teams find ways to WOW their customers.

“It’s everyone on the team understanding the everything speaks.”

Dennis challenges brands to look at the processes their customers walk through—flipping the lens to view each one as their customers would. From there, he asks them to identify what mediocre looks like—what task-oriented service looks like—again, through the lens of their customers. That exercise, says Dennis, creates a springboard to excellent, memorable service, which is contagious!

Dennis’ keynotes deliver:

  • Approaches that help your team move from a task mindset to an experience one.
  • A process for ensuring that your organization’s “backstage” environment never impacts the “onstage” customer experience.
  • Four specific strategies for wowing customers every time.
  • A mechanism for ensuring that your organization’s processes are designed through the “lens of the customer.”

Dennis is one of our most in-demand speakers (We’ve had clients so thrilled, they call us post-event to book him again!). His message fits so well within franchising—he gets it 100%!

Dennis’ fees start at $15,000 and he travels from Orlando. If leading and creating teams which WOW your customers and create brand loyalty, sounds like a fit for your next convention, Dennis is at the top of the list—let’s talk! (And if your event happens to be in Orlando, all the better for maximizing your investment.)

More soon….


P.S. Dennis tells the story behind how “tucking the Disney characters into bed” became a heart-warming customer pleaser, watch the video!

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