Franchise Operations Summit Denver 2014 Recap: Ingage Nails It Again!

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Ingage Consulting Franchise Operations Summit in Denver and it was, flat out, another “WOW!” event!

Evan Hackel and team once again over-delivered on the two-day, interactive experience.  Expert presenters, including Keith Gerson, Rupert Barkoff, Bob Gappa, Mindy Golde, Stacy Ruth, Cordell Riley, and of course, Evan Hackel, all shared invaluable tips, insights and personal experiences covering a huge range of franchise operational successes, challenges, and dilemmas. 

But what I think is the most significant take-away was what I heard over and over again from attendees – and that was how much they learned from each other through the varied interactive and experiential exercises that Evan and his team carefully facilitated for the group.

But don’t take my word for it, check out what attendees had to say…

(You can view these testimonials along with additional videos and fun photos on our Fran Ops Summit Paparazzi page here.)

Evan Hackel and Cordell Riley – Fran Ops is Interactive

Keith Gerson, President of FranConnect, on the Fran  
Ops Summit – Denver 2014


Meg Rose on the Fran Ops Summit – Denver 2014


Cassandra Hill on the Fran Ops Summit – Denver 2014


These summits are more than worth your time – I know I always come home with even more than I had hoped!

More soon…


PSMissed it this time around? It’s not too late to participate!  The next Franchise Operations Summit will be in Atlanta, GA on August 13 and 14. More information and registration here.

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