Helping Franchisees Sell, Prospect, and Convert Inquiries on the Phone with Smart Sales Calling Expert Art Sobczak

Do your franchisees have the phone skills necessary to connect authentically, grow their businesses, and engage as great brand ambassadors?

Meet SPEAK’s “Smart Sales Calling Expert” Art Sobczak. Art is known worldwide as the go-to phone expert on sales. His primary expertise is in business-to-business inside sales and prospecting without “cold” calling, using his Smart Calling™ methodology.

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Art’s custom designed programs on how to effectively handle incoming calls (and web inquiries) and turn them into appointments, sales, and/upsells are engaging, fast-paced, fun and packed full of relevant examples that franchisees can implement immediately. He will also work with business-to-consumer franchises if the application fits, primarily for handling the incoming call and outbound follow-ups.

Art does his homework and every workshop is designed specifically for your franchise system, tailored to your types of calls, to your market, using your terminology. Art’s programs are how-to with specific examples and attendees work on their calls and practice their word-for-word messaging.Image of Art Sobczak, Keynote Franchise Speaker in Sales Calling

How would a clearly defined process for creating real relationships and connecting with decision makers via the phone increase your franchisee’s closing rate? Let us know if you’d like to set up a short call with Art to see how he might help your franchisees transform their phone sales skills. We’re here to help!

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