Jason Lauritsen: Wildly Engaged Teams!

Jason Lauritsen is a self-proclaimed leadership and workplace geek! 😊 His passion is to help your team create the “best place to work” from the top to the front-line.

Through the leadership of engaged teams,
recruitment, retention, productivity and profitability are greatly enhanced.

One of Jason’s hallmark, popular and transformational programs is The Secret to Building a Best Place to Work. Recruiting and retaining the best employees fosters an engaging culture where people want to work. In Jason’s dynamic (and funny—his dry sense of humor is awesome!) session, he reveals research-based insights into the what, why and how of building and sustaining a “Best Place to Work” for your entire franchise team.

Here’s what your franchisees will learn:

  • Understand what organizations with exceptional workplaces do differently than others to engage and retain their best talent.
  • Discover the common elements found within “Best Places to Work” and what they tell us about how to create the most engaging workplaces.
  • Gain practical advice for how to take action within your business to implement the lessons from “Best Places to Work” in order to increase employee engagement and performance within your franchise.

If team-building, engagement, recruitment and retention are among your hot buttons, Jason may be a great fit for your next event. He’s fantastic as either a keynote or breakout session. His fees start at $10,000 and he travels from Omaha, NE. Let’s talk about the possibilities!

More soon…


P.S. Love this quote from Jason, “My job as a speaker is to leave you better than I found you…more inspired, maybe a little smarter, but certainly with the tools you need to go drive change.”

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