Stuart Donaldson: Financials That SPEAK!

Well, we’ve had our eye out for a while looking for a financial subject matter speaker who goes beyond the nuts and bolts (and often dry) to engage, motivate and create transformational change in the financial life of franchise businesses. And we believe we’ve found our man—Stuart Donaldson!

Ironically, Stuart will tell you, “I’m not a numbers person”. He says you’ve got to remove the daunting details, make it simple, educate and demonstrate that there are concepts and tools which can easily be implemented, executed and monitored for transformational results.

“Don’t JUST rely on your gut feelings or just follow your passions,
put some robustness behind the business decisions you make.
The way you do this is through using your financial statements as a tool for forward planning.”

Some of Stuart’s most requested breakout/workshop programs include (and can be highly personalized):

  • Managing by the Numbers.
  • What’s on your Dashboard?
  • Driving Profit: Break-Even Plus
  • Driving Cash
  • Budgeting Smarter
  • Driving Sales
  • Blueprint for Borrowing

Could “numbers” be a game changer in your franchisees’ businesses? Stuart has seen that this is often the case. Finding the story behind the numbers is what Stuart does best and in the meantime, makes a “dry financial workshop” into an engaging, motivating experience with tactical and difference making takeaways!

Let me know if a “motivational financial workshop” fits within your next event. Stuart’s fees start at $10,000 and he travels from Australia with a flat $2,000 travel fee plus 3 nights hotel. FYI: Stuart is stateside in October (with one of our favorite franchise clients 😊) and would love to add additional engagements to his itinerary. Let’s talk if you’d like to explore October, or of course, another time.

More soon…


P.S. Ok, here’s an honest moment: When I was reading through Stuart’s program descriptions, I got EXCITED…yes, excited…and started thinking about how my small business could benefit from some of these concepts and infused with new potential.

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