Thanks & Gratitude!


Image of Team SPEAK! showing gratitude


As we gathered this month, I asked the SPEAK! Team to reflect on what they are grateful for—both professionally and personally. Here’s what they had to say… Are we LUCKY or what?! 🙂


“I am grateful for my brilliant and talented co-workers. Such an honor to work among such amazing women! I’m also grateful for my five senses – to be able to hear music, see the faces of those I love, taste chocolate, smell rain and feel the softness of our beloved animals.”  

“I’m thankful for a healthy, happy family that makes me laugh every day and I’m also thankful to work with clients and co-workers who teach me such valuable lessons about business and life.” 

“I’m extremely grateful for my education and the technology at my fingertips which allows me to learn, grow, and help people every day! I’m also grateful for my connection with the universe and my place in it. I’m constantly surrounded by wonderful people, animals, and plants… all of which I couldn’t live without.”

“I’m so grateful for the joy my evolving children bring to my life and am thankful to work with such smart, strong women!” 

“I am thankful for my family and for being able to support my hard-working clients in their businesses.”

“Professionally, I’m deeply grateful for the work we get to do in the world – helping hundreds of thousands of business owners through the work we do is truly a gift to me.  I am also, SOOOO grateful to have the privilege to work with such an awe inspiring team of smart, kind, resourceful, dynamic and very fun women. Wow! How DID I get so darn lucky?! 

“Personally, I am grateful for so much I would hardly know where to start… living in Boulder, skiing, health, mountain trails, amazing friends, beloved animals….can I just say, I’m pretty much grateful for EVERYTHING?”

…and we are all so grateful to you, our franchise industry

friends, partners, customers, and colleagues.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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