Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving Thoughts of Gratitude

Thoughts of gratitude and thanksgiving are on my mind this week as they are for so many of us in the U.S.  For me, maintaining an ‘attitude of gratitude’ is really a differentiating factor in the quality of every day of my life.  In the practice of focusing on what is going well and the abundance in every part of my life, I find great peace.  I call it the “peace that comes with presence”.

Without being too cliché,  I’ll dive in

and express my heartfelt appreciation for the things I treasure in my life..  First for the work I have created.  I’m just thrilled every day to have the chance to work with so many smart, courageous, fun, inspiring and innovative thinkers.  The speakers that I work with are a constant source of inspiration and fun.  They challenge me to be my very best and openly share their insights and wisdom.  Imagine working with a team of folks who have spent lifetimes perfecting their areas of expertise and honing messages of inspiration, motivation and playful personal exploration.

When I started this business two years ago, I designed it around my natural desire to connect people – to match the right person bringing the right message with an audience who would appreciate learning and growing from the experience.

I didn’t have the foresight to know how profoundly I would benefit personally.

So of course, I’m grateful for my health, for my wonderful life, for my rambunctious little treasure of a dog, Emmie, for my treasured friends and family.   I am also deeply grateful for the extraordinary SPEAK! team that make my job of helping franchisees around the world such pure joy every day.

Katrina Mitchell, Chief Match Maker

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