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Vince Poscente was a recreational skier who rose to the ranks of an Olympic skier in just four short years. Next goal?  Win the gold—but it didn’t happen. Things got in the way, but not in the way of him becoming successful. Vince had to bounce back and find another path—another solution—another way to achieve his goals and “grab the gold” another way. He’s now a best-selling author, Hall of Fame Speaker and business owner. 

Vince will come alongside your team and teach them how to lead better, produce more, sell more and move past the obstacles and into a mental space that creates the kind of success you and your team want and deserve. His take-action-today inspiration, attention-grabbing energy, wit and wisdom make his presentation valuable, fun and memorable!

To experience greater team success, your franchisees will learn to be:

  • headshot-vince-poscenteFear-Less – the “Focus Up” technique to reduce fear and accelerate past obstacles.
  • Persistant – eliminate overwhelm and “Do what the competition isn’t willing to do.”
  • Humble – speeding past frustration with “Gold Dot Goal Triggers.”
  • Compassionate – stay the course with a passion for “Fun, Be Present, Staying the Course.
  • Selfless – the “Ripple Effect of Selflessness” by developing and sharing expertise.

Vince takes pride in being able to tailor his comments to your specific franchise needs and objectives. With a detailed questionnaire and pre-conference discussions, he will integrate what he learns from you within his message to your people. He’s a pro’s pro and an energetic delight to work with!

Vince’s keynote fees start at $15,000 and he travels from Dallas. I’d love to talk to you about the possibilities of Vince creating a transformational, “full speed ahead” experience for your franchise team!

More soon….


P.S. Vince did an event for us a couple weeks back where he had a 100-person line-up after his session of franchisees waiting to speak to him. Needless to say, our client is over the moon happy with the results!  🙂 

P.S.S. Which comes first, balance or speed? If you didn’t hear Vince talk about it on his video, check it out. Hint: Our natural desire for balance can hold us back.  🙂 

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