Using the Franchise E-Factor to Reduce the Costs of Conflict

There is an emotional path that every franchisee travels in their relationship with their franchisor – a journey of great expectations, disappointment and renewed hope.

Every franchisor needs to understand this journey. It’s called The Franchise E-Factor and it explains why franchisees get frustrated and how franchisors can avoid the unnecessary and costly disputes.

The Franchise E-Factor model was developed through groundbreaking research by distinguished psychologist, author and franchise relations expert, Greg Nathan.

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Avoiding 10 Common Mistakes in Franchise Relations

Healthy franchise relations will save you money, reduce your stress and help you to efficiently grow your franchise network.

Because few franchisors understand the science of the franchise relationship, most regularly fall for one or more of the 10 common mistakes. This costs them dearly in wasted time, resistance to new initiatives, unnecessary legal fees and lost franchise sales.

In this fast-paced 1 hour session, Greg Nathan, world renowned franchise relations authority, will provide actionable tips on how to avoid these 10 pitfalls and release the hidden power of healthy franchise relations.

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Improving the Effectiveness of Your Field Visits

Field Managers, or whatever you call them in your company, have one of the most challenging jobs in franchising – part cop and part coach.

Their effectiveness in maintaining brand alignment while also motivating and guiding franchisees will have a big impact on the success of your franchise system.

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10 Strategies to Drive a Healthy Franchising Culture

Because culture is “how we do things around here” it is the single most powerful way to influence people’s behaviour. It is also the most misunderstood.

Greg Nathan is a highly regarded psychologist, researcher and franchising thought leader with a passion for helping franchisors build healthy franchising cultures.

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