AB Bourke: Leading, Communicating & Executing at Mach 2

Last week was a wonderfully busy one and at one point I mentioned to Team SPEAK! that I felt like I was in Class IV Rapids (not quite up to Class VI 😊…but “expert” level for sure). We can all relate to that, I think. So, what happens when we’re called upon to lead, communicate and execute while in the rapids…or at Mach 2?

Extraordinary keynote speaker and highly accomplished and decorated F-16 flight pilot, AB Bourke, provides a flight plan that allows franchise systems to thrive at elite levels, when the stakes are high.

During his interactive keynote, Major Anthony “AB” Bourke will share the story of how on the morning of 9/11 he found himself stuck on the east coast, 3,000 miles from his home base and volunteered to help a local F-16 squadron fly homeland defense missions over New York City. He credits training and standards for a seamless transition which allowed him to fly that day, in a brand-new squadron, with a wingman he’d never met, in airspace that he’d never seen while executing as needed during a critical situation.

AB Bourke, Franchise Business Keynote Speaker

AB transfers this success model to the world of franchising in a logical and tactical way, leaving franchisees inspired to take the brand to the highest levels possible.

His keynotes are unforgettable.

AB’s fees start at $16,500 and he travels from San Francisco. If your fast-paced franchise is looking to take its leadership, communication, teamwork and execution to Mach 2, AB would create a memorable and game-changing addition to your franchise convention. (And he’s SO easy to work with.) Let’s talk.

More soon…


P.S. Not to leave you hanging…the Class IV Rapids did not send us overboard. We absolutely LOVE the ride!

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