AB Bourke: Leading, Executing & Communicating at Mach 2

A highly accomplished and decorated U.S. Air Force F-16 Fighter Pilot, AB Bourke has franchise audiences transfixed as he relates his flight missions and military experience to the world of franchising.

“There is no business model in the world that requires team members to be aligned
and flying in formation like the franchise model.” – AB Bourke

In a recent blog post (see below for the full story) AB tells about a harrowing situation he experienced as a young lieutenant and pilot in the Air Force, shortly after being assigned to his first operational squadron. His reflection yielded the three lessons below (But read his entire story, because the lessons come to life AND it’s straight from Top Gun…only absolutely real!)

  • Training is critical.
  • The team succeeds or fails together.
  • Developing a culture of open and honest “Debrief” accelerates the experience of all.

For an exciting, motivating message of teamwork, leadership, culture and accountability, AB will knock it out of the park. We know, because he has! His fees start at $16,500 and he travels from San Francisco. If you’d like to hear more about AB, let’s talk—he recently spoke, with rave reviews, at the franchise convention for one of our very favorite clients!  

More soon…


P.S. Here’s AB’s full blog post, The Chain of Events to the Scene of the Accident

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