Accelerate Your Productivity in 2014!

Happy New Year to you!

If you are like me, your energy is up, you are purging and cleaning your files and inboxes, and the finishing touches on your 2014 personal and professional plans are being put in place. I love the annual ritual of creating robust visions, energetic goals, and the pleasure of wiping the imaginary white board clean for a fresh start. 

laurastackw.clock_163x246pxTo really accelerate our success in 2014, the team at SPEAK! is kicking off the New Year with an 8-week virtual coaching program on productivity with Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro!

We are so excited about the program I just had to share it with you! After all who wouldn’t want to hone their productivity skills and do more with less stress in less time? Though the first session is on Monday 1/6/14, there’s still a few spots available and plenty of time to register.

Here are some additional details for you:

Running late lately? Feeling overwhelmed? Need to hit the next level of success in 2014? Kick the New Year into Gear with Laura Stack’s new 8-week virtual coaching program!

Ever wish you could hire a coach to help you get organized? Now you can! Join your colleagues for EIGHT hold-on-to-your-seat WEEKS of rocket-boosting productivity skills. You’ll participate in webinars, join a private Facebook group, and receive educational resources to support your learning! You’ll see exactly why it’s been said that Laura Stack can do the work of five people. The webinars will be on MONDAYS at 10:00 AM Mountain time, leaving you ready to hit the ground running for a productive week (if you can’t attend “live,” no worries, because you’ll receive the recording).

For each week’s focus area, Laura will “open the kimono” and show you LIVE, via webinar and/or Skype, exactly how she does it, using her own systems for demonstration. You’ll receive advance course materials to use during the sessions and then complete the homework assignments on your own throughout the week. Here is the action plan:

See more at:

January 6: Focus on to-do lists/prioritizing/decision-making

January 13: Focus on email/tracking pending items/projects/delegation

January 20: Focus on scheduling/calendaring/appointments

January 27: Focus on planning/daily/weekly/monthly/annually

February 3: Focus on time/effective systems/devices/consolidation

February 10: Focus on organizing/technology/paper/software

February 17: Focus on focus/distractions/multi-tasking/concentration

February 24: Focus on bringing it all together/boundaries/timewasters

After each webinar, you’ll receive the recording, an MP3, an eBook, and an online video. Throughout the week, as you “try on” your new skills, you’ll will receive personal coaching from Laura in our private Facebook group and get all your questions answered. Even better, you’ll connect with an inner circle of colleagues all over the world to gain insights and learn best practices!

Regularly, this program would be $4,500 for an equivalent private program. Because we’re using a group format, you can join for only $299!  The Facebook group will stay active, so the learning will continue far beyond the initial eight weeks.

See more at:

Hope you’ll consider joining us. I can honestly say that every time I have had the opportunity to work with Laura, her insights, tools and tips have skyrocketed my productivity. But most importantly, getting my work into a manageable and easily prioritized system moves me from a state of overwhelm to a much happier state of feeling challenged and excited about my work again.

Hope to connect with you on the calls.

More soon!


PS: Looking for something completely different from your 2014 franchise convention speaker? Laura has an inspiring selection of keynote topics that are fantastic tool builders for franchise audiences:

  1. Leave the Office Earlier®: How to do More in Less Time and Feel Great About it.
  2. Find More Time: How to Get Things Done and Organize Your Life.
  3. The Exhaustion Cure: UP Your Energy From LOW to GO in 21 Days.
  4. SUPERCOMPETENT®: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best.
  5. What To Do When There’s Too Much to Do: Reduce Tasks, Increase Results, and Save 90 Minutes a Day.

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