Brian Carter: People LOVE video! Are you using it?

Brian Carter has absolutely knocked it out of the park recently for two of our franchise clients. His expansive knowledge of all things marketing and customer experience, his methodical personalization of content to meet his clients’ needs AND his absolutely hilarious sense of humor (he has a background in stand-up comedy), has him exceeding expectations across the board!

Being the online guru that he is, we recently asked Brian about connecting with customers/potential customers via video. One of the things Brian talked about was the Best Video Marketing Platforms—in other words, WHERE should you connect? (See below for a link to Brian’s full article on the use of video).

What are the Best Video Marketing Platforms?

  1. Edited videos of various types: Most of our experience with video (TV and movies) is edited, not live. Edited videos are planned. They don’t waste people’s time. This is the best for ensuring people see your whole message and you get the best results.
  2. 15-second edited videos on Facebook: Generally, Facebook videos need to be shorter. Facebook itself is recommending 15-second videos now when you create video ads.
  3. YouTube videos: People watch videos longer on YouTube. You can make them extremely long (30 minutes, for example) if you want, but I would recommend shorter, 3-5 minutes max. A smart new strategy is a ‘choose your own adventure’ video where your first video gives people a choice and they can click to other more specific videos more relevant to them.
  4. Instagram Video: 60 seconds and under, square dimensions- and you can use Facebook ads to target people. This is my third choice after Facebook and YouTube video.
  5. Facebook Live: People often go live for 15 minutes to 45 minutes, but the average viewer still may only watch for 20-30 seconds. This is a challenging format for many.
  6. Twitter video, both edited and live: Everything is limited on Twitter because of the smaller audience size, and we recommend advertising to ensure your video is seen.
  7. Snapchat video: Very hard to get a sizable audience, and no ad platform for most companies. The filters might be entertaining, but limited marketing application here.

Over here at SPEAK! we are super excited and 100% confident in presenting Brian to our franchise friends! He’ll dive into your brand, culture and event objectives to create a message on marketing, customer experience or leadership in the digital era—and thoroughly engage your franchise audience in the process.

Brian’s fees start at $10,000 and he travels from Charleston, SC. He’s a smart, witty and great guy—you’d love him! Let’s talk if Brian sounds interesting as a keynote or trainer within your next event agenda.

More soon…


P.S. For more information on video usage, check out Brian’s detailed blog post entitled, Video Marketing with YouTube & Facebook. You’ll find TONS of fantastic information!

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