Debra Fine: Small Talk with Huge Results

The speakers we are presenting this month are all about connecting and engaging throughout the franchise system (and on to customers) to transform culture and create high performing teams. And Debra Fine takes a compelling and tactical approach to helping franchisees create meaningful relationships with their customers, with their communities, with their staff, with fellow franchisees and with their franchisor home office staff.

Self-admittedly a formerly tongue-tied engineer, Debra is the bestselling author of The Fine Art of Small Talk. From this background and paired with her years of research on social interaction (and a killer sense of humor), she energetically and humbly connects with her audience and delivers actionable strategies that will help your franchisees…

  • Strike up conversations and keep them going
  • Master introductions and remember namesDebra Fine
  • Come across as composed and self-assured when talking to people or entertaining clients at conventions, trade shows and other work related functions
  • Develop rapport with anyone
  • Become an “active” listener
  • Overcome communication barriers
  • Handle awkward situations
  • Come up with topics to discuss
  • Avoid conversation “killers”
  • Prepare for successful conversations
  • Exit conversations with grace
  • Feel more at ease at award receptions, banquets, and networking events

Debra’s fees start at $7,500 and she travels from Denver. Debra delivers a fantastic, fast-paced, interactive breakout session and is compelling, high-energy and funny on a general session stage. Packaging her as a combo keynote/follow-up breakout or utilizing her within a team-building kick-off session adds tremendous value. If you’d like to explore the possibilities, I’d love to talk!

More soon…


P.S. Debra has appeared on major networks regularly—The Today Show, CBS News, USA Today and CNN.

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