Cracking the Code on Achieving Brand Leadership with Denise Lee Yohn

If anyone knows how to crack the code on branding, it’s Denise Lee Yohn. Denise knows what it takes for franchises to become – and STAY – the top brand in their industry—AND on stage, she shows franchisees how to live their brands through each team interaction and ultimately to their customers. She knows that top-performing brands want to…

  • Remain Relevant in a Fast-Changing Marketplace
  • Engage Their Employees and Customers
  • Strengthen Their Differentiation and Competitive Advantage

Denise is a recognized thought leader and contributor to Harvard Business Review and Forbes and is an advisor to many world-class brands as an authority on branding.

If your franchise team wants to build a brand that defines your culture, increases franchisee profit margins, inspires customer loyalty, and fuels results, Denise may be a perfect fit. Her engaging style and tactical takeaways deliver huge value—she’s a pro!

More soon…

P.S. Denise’s fees start at $15,000 and she travels from San Francisco. Take a sneak peek of her latest book, FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies, where she cracks the code on culture-building and shows you how to increase your competitiveness, create measurable value and future-proof your business.

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