Franchises Go "Undercover"

I don’t watch much TV, but one show I really enjoy is “Undercover Boss.” It's so cool to see the CEO go super-agent and learn firsthand the on-goings of the franchise system from far

outside of the boardroom. It takes major guts to do this in general, but even more so with cameras rolling for the whole world to see. These high-powered CEO's put all their vulnerabilities out there, and I really appreciate the courage that it takes to be put ego aside.  These leaders put themselves in a position of being completely open and experiencing what’s going on from a very different perspective.  And being the big softie I am, it touches my heart to see hard working, front-line folks being recognized and rewarded for their commitment and loyalty to the brand.  I always expect to be teary-eyed at the finish.

I love this show for 3 reasons:

  1. It gives great insight into a variety of brands and what the day-to-day might be like as a prospective franchisee.
  2. I am always moved by the positive ending where franchisees and front-line folks are recognized and rewarded for their commitment to the brand.  Nice to know a happy ending is c


  3. It's the ultimate way for a CEO to get an entirely different point of view.

PostNet CEO, Steve Greenbaum, took the plunge and was featured on the Dec 7 episode and WOW did Steve ever do a great job! His commitment to the brand and his concern for his team was as palpable on the show as it is in real life. Bravo, Steve!

Clip from the PostNet Undercover Boss Episode

PostNet was so kind to invite me to the premiere party for the episode and we had a blast! This undertaking by Steve not only gained the company some high-quality publicity, but it really demonstrated the genuine caring, leadership, and integrity that both Steve and PostNet President, Brian Spindel, have infused the PostNet culture with.


Bravo, Steve, Brian and PostNet! And by the way, I love the wig! (Hehe…)

More soon…


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